Visit Frankfurt: 5 Things You Will Love & Hate About Visiting Frankfurt, Germany Frankfurt is an amazing city, it is the financial capital of Germany and home of the European Central Bank ECB. Many people only …

34 thoughts on “Visit Frankfurt: 5 Things You Will Love & Hate About Visiting Frankfurt, Germany

  1. Muhammad Abdur Rahim says:

    I love the city for many reasons. I hate the city because of its red light zone in central business district. I also hate the city because of its unsafe central train station area. A lot of drug addicted people made this area unsafe.

  2. LaMario C says:

    I know I'm late to this but I currently live in Frankfurt and lived here many years before. Frankfurt is the leading Global city in Germany as the 5th largest city (approx 750,000) and 2nd largest metro in Germany behind the Rhein-Rhur area (Cologne, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen area), which makes it very unique. The red light district is right outside the main train station but if you go north of the train station and not across the street, then you will find one of the largest trade fairs in the world.

  3. doolally69 says:

    I’m sorry mate, you’re a cock! As an English guy living in the Bahnhofsviertel, it is really only the 50 meters around the station. The tramps/junkies/tramps leave you alone.
    As to flying to/from Frankfurt Hahn, if you’re an idiot and not check your destination before you fly, you’re fault!
    Yes, it is a small city, but it is perfectly formed. We have amazing public transport, amazing restaurants and world class hotels.

  4. Dressed as a shadow says:

    The city has been doing lots of mistakes and are still:
    1. They should have fused into a big metropolis like Koln, Berlin, Munchen
    2. They should shut down Hahn airport to make F/M airport bigger
    3. They should extend the U-bahn and automate the lines

  5. A. D. says:

    Are Frankfurt responsible where the Tourists coming from???? 🤣🤦‍♂️

    Hahn Airport is the cheapass Airport.
    You are at the city Center in 10-15 minutes by train!

  6. T. U. says:

    Frankfurt is a one day trip, perhaps two if you're going to the theatre, museum and the like (beware: museums are all closed on Mondays).
    That being said, there are very nice restaurants to discover and you could easily stay a little longer (provided you have some cash on you)

  7. thechase ison says:

    Me and my partner stayed a night there in a hotel right by the train station. Like you said it was a horrible area full of junkies. But it did just seem to be only that area, once we walked 1 minute away things changed and it was a very nice city.

  8. Johnny Martin Johansen says:

    Jetlags and national/international connections has NOTHING to do with the city itself. And your love/hate list seems to be rushed out while not having anything to talk about, which is strange since you claim to have been there several times. Thumbs down for your most useless video so far, honestly it's one of the shittiest travel videos I've ever seen!

  9. Run The Atlas says:

    The part about the train is 100% correct. I just made a vlog on Frankfurt (🎥in my channel) and had to hide my camera once I exited the train. Suuuper sketch there. Also it is super small. I covered almost the whole city in a layover.

  10. MikeyGQOTA says:

    I visited here 14 years ago, I love Frankfurt! My friend and I found a mom and pop hostile style, but with private rooms. It was nice! They had continental breakfast, and now there is Airbnb and some really good deals. So, usually with cost I go with a place that has breakfast and keep travel simple and enjoy your visit. Another big factor when choosing a place to stay is security and access to a train stop in Frankfurt. I had a terrific time. Eltville, DE is very nice and part of the main Frankfurt suburbs.

  11. Bob Fotoples says:

    The biggest complaint I have about Frankfurt is figuring out the train system from the airport to the main station into Frankfurt. The kiosks are not user friendly, and the signs are, naturally, in German, but the translations even in English are not user friendly, and when you're standing there trying to buy tickets with multiple bags and catching the train, it's very intimidating, and not at all pleasant. We took a cab back to the airport when we flew out to Greece, because it was just easier than trying to get through the train station back to the airport. There was also construction going on inside the station, and that, along with the crowds made it that much harder.

  12. Alex Rajcevic says:

    This is by far the dumbest video of Frankfurt I have ever seen. Frankfurt itself has over 750000 people living here, over 1.5. million come every day, so it is a big town. Jetleg?stupid! It is expensive to get hotels during fairs, but not really thruout the year, for sure cheaper compared to Munich, Frankfurt has a rebuild new old town and a gazillion little villages within 30 min by train just outside, not different to Munich, who expects "bavarian fairytale in a big city?, leaving the trainstation is a hip area, Münchner Strasse has some of the best international restaurants/street food places around, even the New York Times called the area must visit.
    Frankfurt Hahn is not even in the same State, Hahn decided to call it that way, has nothing to do with the city

    Basically, if you know nothing and you only post videos that are easily debunkt with your non-knowledge, maybe get a different job.
    This video was emberassing

  13. Poivre Blanc says:

    More than 90% of the city center was destroyed by carpet bombing in WWII. What you can see at the Römer are mostly reconstructed buildings. On the other hand, that paved the way for the many skyscrapers of Frankfurt.

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