Visit Quebec – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Quebec City, Canada

Traveling to Quebec? Not Sure What to Expect in Quebec? Here we go through what you should know about Quebec, Canada before you go. From the amazing …

50 thoughts on “Visit Quebec – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Quebec City, Canada

  1. spacerazer says:

    6. Hate The weather is very changable. 6. Love The Quebec Carnaval . Lower and Upper town parades and have a glass of Caribou.Main party area near the Parliament. 7. LOVE Take an inexpensive ferry ride over to Levis. Great pictures of the old city, the Chateau Frontenac and even the old bridge from the water.

  2. Thomas Griffin says:

    With the French and the Quèbecous I like the Francophone laid back approach rather than the fake used car salesmen smile that English speaking people have in the US and Canada, getting up in your face for they quick sale or to beg for change or preach from bibles.

  3. Are Cera says:

    I speak Spanish and learning English hahahaha I cannot imagine how can I have a conversation with ppl from Quebec even though I can only have simple conversations in French, I took French clases in high school 🏫 lol

  4. Pearl Johnson says:

    I went to Quebec City in July of this year(2019); the locals are well mannered and polite to non-French speakers. I didn’t encounter any difficulties in that aspect. The food is quite expensive there, and many of the attractions can be seen in ONE day; I made a mistake by staying for 3 days; it was quite boring. There are lots of small shops around every street to buy water bottles as well as I did not see a lot tourists. One negative thing I didn’t like about Quebec City is that people tend to smoke a lot in public places.

  5. Joseph Stokes says:

    "Hate" huh? Well, we Americans are rather known for that word and I suppose it is appropriate. Was "dislike" to weak for us Americans? Did you ever let your kids use "hate?" We never heard the word in our family. Best of luck and thanks for an excellent video.

  6. Magic Marq says:

    I'm literally considering moving to Quebec by 2021, I hate rude people, its really affordable and its wayyyy safer than the us for my future kids. Im learning a little French day by day…. wee wee

  7. Mark Nussbaum says:

    Just returned from Quebec City.  Wonderful, beautiful place.  I don't get this guys "top 5 hates" at all, with the exception of driving in old town.  DON'T try to drive in old town.  But it's a walking city, so why would you?  The people speak French, but that and their culture is why you come.  It's a beautiful language, so learn some.  The tourists are no more or less rude here than anywhere.  Great place, reasonably priced, European experience without having to pay for a transatlantic flight.  Definitely a good time.

  8. Jeremy Day says:

    I am visiting Quebec City this fall with my fìance and am very excited. I have been practicing French for the last few months so that I can at the very least have a basic understanding. My question and main concern- Is it frowned upon more by locals to speak French and possibly mispronounce something, or to not even try at all?

  9. Dave Richard says:

    Definitely pay for a public parking, walk or take a bus. It's easiest since old quebec has really tight roads, a lot of one way streets and yes, many oblivious drivers. Also roads seem to be under permanent construction here during the summer.

    You can buy drinks everywhere but they are not as easy to find in the older part of town, mainly because it's historical, stores all look the same and nearly all of them have french names, because laws. Ask around, we are happy to help. A lot of souvenir shops have at least a small fridge with bottles of water and soda for sale.

  10. Samuel Desgagne Rousseau says:

    I've lived in Québec for about 10 years, and let me give a 6th hate (and beware): Drivers hate cyclists and pedestrians. Always be careful when cycling and walking, the cars will not stop, slow down or stear clear to help you. They don't care. Also, some local radio hosts have been known to encourage this hateful behaviour…

  11. Becky-Lee Michaud says:

    Oh honey… you literally have a kiosk /corner store/ dépanneur behind you for the first half of your video. There are plenty of convenience stores around the old part and even outside. Don’t be afraid to ask. Old Québec is less than 2 square km… upper and lower town included. There are at least 12 stores to buy snacks and refreshments from in that small area alone. But great job on the video! You did catch the essence! Safe travel😊

  12. Sue Weatherby says:

    I lived in Quebec City for about twenty years, and I gotta say, your comments were pretty accurate. One thing I love about Quebec City is the baked goods. You have not experienced a croissant until you've eaten one, fresh out of the oven, from one of the many boulangeries – pretty much every neighbourhood has at least one. One of my favorites is J.A. Moissan – a small grocery store with an amazing selection of the best things to eat, AND baked goods to die for. Enjoy!

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