How the 2010 Winter Olympics changed Vancouver and Whistler

From buildings created for events to small pieces of art, municipal affairs reporter Justin McElroy goes through every physical legacy of the Olympics that can still …

18 thoughts on “How the 2010 Winter Olympics changed Vancouver and Whistler

  1. Chris Short says:

    I seem to recall that the accompanying cultural olympiad was supposed to blow up the arts in BC and its global image and reach. Probably fair to say that was an utter failure.

  2. 1990skelly says:

    Meanwhile they shipped people here and left them all to clean up the image of Vancouver and now look at where my city is, our oldest hardware store had to close due to influx of shoplifting and delinquent behavior. You shamed Prince George Vancouver.

  3. ArtLOVEsU says:

    This is a joke, the Olympics brought nothing but pretentious vibes to Vancouver. I’ve seen Vancouver going down the hill after the Olympics, it’s just getting worse and worse…

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