Best Foods to Try in Helsinki, Finland

As the capital of Finland, Helsinki is a Nordic foodie heaven full of delicious foods to try, including Finnish staples like mushrooms, berries, salmon, and rye …

20 thoughts on “Best Foods to Try in Helsinki, Finland

  1. molu ormolu says:

    Cafe Regatta is cute, but SO overrated. I went with my Japanese friends and they were clearly disappointed. All of the promised vegan stuff (2 options) were defrozen in the microwave, tasted super dry and pre-made, pretty sure they hadn't baked them to begin with. We also had to wait in line for an hour, and the smoke from the grill spread all over the place, we were coughing at our table. The whole place was full, which meant only 1 bathroom for 200 people.

  2. timomastosalo says:

    Linnankellari literally means Castle Cellar, just in Finnish the word castle has the secondary meaning of Prison, Jailhouse, Slammer etc. – a product of the medieval practicalities: the prisoners of importance were locked in the castles. There were less than million Finns until the beginning of the 19th century (maybe that number was reached before too – 18th cent. had many wars dropping down the population). And so, in this case, yeah: Jailhouse Cellar is the proper interpretation. Both for someone who doesn't know the history of the place, the name sounds more fancy – the word castle has always that majestic air also in Finnish – be it you're a prisoner or not.

  3. Fortzon says:

    "Helsinki is the Nordic foodie heaven" Ehh, no. Helsinki is mostly full off chain restaurants. It's well known in Finland that our former capital Turku is the unofficial food capital of Finland 😀

  4. A.C. Capapas says:

    I love when both of you smile with each other. ♥️
    I also like how you deliver your comments in general and describe details of your activities, as I have seen with your other travels. Specifically when you "kinda dislike" something, I mean no OA comments. Stay humble. ♥️

  5. dog ma says:

    Thank you for making great videos. Your explanations are fantastic and definitely a cut above most other channel. Your hard work shone through your videos 🙂

    On the restaurants you may want to add $$$ or web sites or other useful data like hours, Formal, Informal, etc …

    Keep up with the good work

  6. Finnjävel says:

    'Finnjävel' is kind of a hateful slur against Finns, or was in the 60's and 70's Sweden, but as you can see we just like it.

    (I have nothing to do with the place in this video.)

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