Dublin Days With Benefit, Outfit Inspo & My Latest Obsession | Daily Grace

Hello Friends! Today’s vlog is a little day in the life / Daily Grace! I’m sharing some outfit inspiration, taking you along on a fun day out in Dublin with Benefit …

41 thoughts on “Dublin Days With Benefit, Outfit Inspo & My Latest Obsession | Daily Grace

  1. Rosaleen Stratton says:

    Have to say Grace love your healthy view of exercise… So balanced and great for body positivity in the right way. Eat right and exercise to feel good not necessarily for weight loss… Love it ! 🥰

  2. Johnnel Adderley says:

    Hi Grace, I am a new subscriber and you are so lovely, plus you're a tea lover just like myself😊.
    Sometimes I let my shyness from stop me from trying something new, but I told myself I will force myself to try something new once a month.
    I enjoyed your vlog so very much and I can't wait to watch more of your videos and I am excited to be apart of your YouTube family 🤗.

  3. Noreen Earley says:

    Grace,Doing Cardio definitely gives you loads of energy and you feel so good after it,and the bonus is you get fit,it’s so worth it for the sake of 45 to 1hour,but really glad you enjoying it and the more you go the more you’ll love it and you’ll won’t want to miss a class,love your videos Grace,I binge watch your videos especially the routine ones,I find them motivating and have recommended them to friends😘

  4. Kelly says:

    When I went to Dublin in 2017, they were developing so much by the water. They told us that a lot of European HQ were moving to Dublin from England bc Brexit.

  5. TiffanyD says:

    Great video! Well I’m not ready for the warmer weather 😣I’m a winter baby lol birthday’s January. Living in Houston is killing me cause Its always hot 🙄I’m from Oklahoma where they have all the seasons so I’m ready to move back there😊

  6. Alexandra Pop says:

    I'm still trying to go to a restaurant alone or even the movies 😂 I'm trying to get better at that this year! I keep telling myself that one cares, but I'm very self conscious when I eat so that one will be quite a challenge for me… Keep it up, darling! You're doing great! 😊💕

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