Death Valley National Park Adventure in 4K | Hiking Golden Canyon | Badwater Basin | Mesquite Dunes Join me as I explore and hike in beautiful Death Valley National Park. I visit Badwater Basin, Mesquite Dunes, Golden Canyon …

28 thoughts on “Death Valley National Park Adventure in 4K | Hiking Golden Canyon | Badwater Basin | Mesquite Dunes

  1. Catherine Gregory says:

    I've had some folks express concern that I did not carry water out on Badwater Basin. To clarify, this was not a "hike". It was merely a stroll out on the salt flats. I was less than a mile from my rig. I could see my rig at all times. I spent more time out there because I decided to shoot my thumbnail photo for this video. I did get hot, but at no time was my life in danger. I always bring water on hikes, but since I had only intended to be out there for about 30 mins and it wound up being an hour…it did get warm. People who have been to the area understand that it is usually a quick walk out to the flats then back to their vehicles not a "hike". Thank you for your concern. 🙂

  2. Second Last says:

    Wow , great high quality video great camera work very well filmed very professional with great sense of capturing beautiful scenery & light background music & it was even better when there was no music I felt my self there for a moment, thank u very much for making a wonderful video

  3. Gerald Spessard says:

    Some how it just doesn't look like exploring. Looks like a treck in a park. Seeing what thousands upon thousands have seen before you. Posted signs with a litany don'ts is not my idea of exploring. Sight seeing maybe.

  4. Bill Mitchell says:

    Wow it looked hot out their. I sure hope you get to Colorado and you and Tammy from spirit forest do a video. That would be big in the you tube world. Two gals with blue eyes and golden hair. Awsome👍👍🙂

  5. Michael Martinez says:

    How weird, I was just came across this video and I totally recognize you! We were in Death Valley on January 30th, and also at Badwater. As soon as I saw this video, I said.. I Have seen this lady before, and I went back and looked at the pictures that we took that day and there you were in the background! Small world! Great video by the way.. Keep up the good work!

  6. Jim Forbes says:

    I came home all amped up from a long day at work. This was the first video I came across and clicked on. Calming!! Absolutely beautiful! The landscape too! Keep em coming.

  7. Delonte Reid says:

    Catherine I have watched a few videos and the content is fascinating. How did you become so interested in nature and outdoors? P.S.- Death Valley National Park is sort of next on my list to visit.

  8. Phil M says:

    I disagree on the season. The BEST time to visit Death Valley is in the middle of SUMMER! It's pretty but you only get the feeling of why it's called DEATH Valley in SUMMER. You have less people too. It is so interesting to have it cold at night and when the sun comes up in the morning….WOW! It changes so fast! I'm not kidding.
    It's much more impressive in the summer. That's when we bring foreign friends there. They can see what it was like for pioneers feeling this place.

  9. James Huggins says:

    Beautiful woman, beautiful scenery! I don't have the patience necessary for the back and forth to do the camera work you do but I really love creator's like you. You show me places and things I may never get to see.

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