47 thoughts on “A Week of Walks with Oslo

  1. Carl Reid says:

    Great vlog this week just what i need as it’s been 42C so good to see some snow to remind me of The Peak District, Froggatt Curbar Millstone edges Hathersage Grindleford etc Lawrencefield is a nice walk too just under Millstone thanks for sharing this week and the lovely sounds too cheers 👍

  2. Adrian Heath says:

    I work in Stoney Middleton and live a couple of miles away, it's great being able to recognise all the walks we do locally. Surprised we haven't  bumped into you by now! Keep up the good work.

  3. Dolly Daisy says:

    Well done for running with a dog and filming, I have to focus completely on the running. It would be great if you would do a kit video, I would be interested to hear what you've found that stands up to the elements etc.

  4. Phoebe Baker says:

    Discovered your channel recently and love love your videos after a stressful day! They're so relaxing and grounding, reminding me to enjoy the simple things in life and allowing me to re-connect with nature in a way when I'm away at uni, thank you!! x

  5. James Harrison says:

    Hay Athena, would you consider cutting a few of your still shots into the videos? I’m always curious what scene you’ve taken, how you’ve composed it etc. Just a few seconds of a final photo a few times in a video might add something else?

  6. Iain Sanders says:

    Why not let him off the lead – sooometimes! (No visible sheep). When I went out with The Great Cuillin here on Skye he was as much in charge as I was – though abruptly parting company if rabbit spoor was picked up..

  7. Mark Schofield says:

    Hi, it was lovely to meet you and Oslo yesterday, Dexter loves to meet new dogs on the lane. used to do lots of walks with him on the trans pennine trail and in wharncliffe woods but he is slowing down a little these days. Lovely video as usual.

  8. Isobel Jackson says:

    Hi Athena, ive recently started following your posts, they are really inspiring and makong me want to get back out in the hills. I love the style of music you add, who are some of the groups you use? Thanks Isobel

  9. John Sweetman says:

    Hi Athena. Always feel inspired to get out more after watching your vlogs. Did you know you are also a music influencer? Just bought a Roo Panes album based on the accompanying music to one of your vlogs😁 Perhaps a vlog on your favourite music? Enjoy the ML course.

  10. benz806 says:

    Wow, she says she just can't resist getting out into windy and cold weather! The right kind of hearty woman. Very impressed! You don't see many American woman enthused about that kind of stuff.

  11. affalaffaa says:

    Thanks for the hike. Hopefully I can get out (and up to where there's snow, or any hint of winter) away from this perma autumn we've had the past few months. I've been cheated out of my cold this season and not happy. Poor me…haha

  12. Steven Keery says:

    Lovely scenery and I really like your choice of music. Tuesday's walk reminded me of a photographic trip to the Mourne mountains in Northern Ireland.
    It had similar snowy conditions on the day and I slipped and dropped my camera lens.

    Luckily it only broke the mount that fixed to the monopod. It made me realise how risky it could have been, if I had been on my own without some form of shelter and means of summoning assistance, if I had been too injured to walk.

    An unprepared walker could die of hypothermia before being found.
    Good idea to let a friend or relative know where you are going, on which trail route and the time you expect to be back.

    I don't know what the mobile reception is like up there but best to take a fully charged mobile phone with you too.

    You probably take all these precautions already but some of your viewers may not. It might encourage them to venture out if you would detail basic safety items to carry with them in a small day pack.

  13. Walks With Olly says:

    Good on you for signing up for your Mountain Leader award and I wish you well, while looking forward to following your progress. It was interesting to see your week of walks and vlogs and how each day was that little bit different. Thanks for sharing, Athena and all the best.

  14. gary kirkham says:

    Hello Athena. This as to be my favourite video of all you've done. Tuesday looked amazing with a coat of snow shattered everywhere. Congratulations on your ever growing channel.. your subscriber count goes up each time i click on a video. All the best and thank you sharing.

  15. Paul May says:

    Hello Athena….really like this daily vlog. We really need to see some cold weather here in Devon. Congratulations on the start of your mountain leaders course. You have such a natural way on camera. Who would like to see Athena on BBC Countryfile, could be the next Ellie Harrison?

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