Wuhan: is this the Chicago of China?

Welcome to the political, cultural, educational, economic and transportation hub of central China – Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province. Discover the spirit of this …

50 thoughts on “Wuhan: is this the Chicago of China?

  1. Shivam Bhardwaj says:

    Chinese ppl is paying its Communist party price , they forgot to respect other people and culture like tibat , Muslim , and 14 other surrounding counties , invaded India without reason, now one microbiology virus or biological weapons is made whole china on knees. God save the people .

  2. New Balance 2019 USA says:

    Only the street food could be the source of the Coronavirus. Who knows what they are putting in? The many Chinese that I met in Germany don't speak/understand a word of English. Not even Yes and No. But presentor is so fluent. Must be Cantonese HK Chinese. And American born+ raised!

  3. sundara vadivelu says:

    Again don't go for pork and beef and πŸ¦‰ owl and bat and so on.. this is the great lesson for Chinese.. at least this time if they didn't get reversed to greens and vegetables means, Guess Wuhan change as a hell .. this is a warning from God,.. hope they won't neglect.. let us see

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