Croatia: Adriatic Delights

Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | A fascinating land with a hard-fought history in a complex corner of Europe, Croatia is emerging as one of Europe’s top …

36 thoughts on “Croatia: Adriatic Delights

  1. julian juli6 says:

    Hello Rick Steves! You show beautiful places, i so you videos. There is a video were you are in Palestine ! Was you in Israel ? I asking you, not to charge Israel, better be away from polityk ! You don't leave in Israel, you now nothing ! I wish you best ! Israel is beautiful😌

  2. Danijela Kelava says:

    Volim hrvatsku. Moj otac Božo je Hrvat (podrijetlom iz Bosne i Hercegovine, rodjen u blizini tesnja), volim hrvatski jezik i hrvatsku kulturu.😃

    I love croatia. My father bozho is a croat (he was born in bosnia and herzegovina, close to the city tesanj). I love croatia as a country, i love croatia, i love croatian language, croatian people and the croatian culture. Croatian language , the official language of croatia, is a southern slavic language in its origin just like bulgarian, serbian, bosnian, macedonian and slovenian language.😃

  3. Heal Entire World says:

    Imagine that croatia, a nazi-oriented society since 1920, was invited at this anti-fascist ceremony!!!,

    Croatia proportionally killed the most civilians in WW2: 2 million croatian killed 700,000 civilians, which every 3rd croatian killed at least 1 women or child which places Croatia as the top country with the largest criminal record in the world.

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