36 Hours in Athens | The New York Times

After years of economic turmoil, Athens’s self-confidence and creativity are stirring again, with new restaurants, shops and a blossoming of local pride. Produced …

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  1. rt rs says:

    Athens is a city of outstanding plurality ,where all historical periods and art movements are present. From ancient and medieval remains to contemporary art exhibitions,this city has a lot to offer to demanding and curious visitors. Greek people are very helpful and friendly.Athens offers a wide variety of shopping opportunities and can be your base for further traveling.For example, you can visit Chalandri,Marousi,Kifissia,Pireus,Nauplio,Thebes and many islands,like Euboia,Aigina,Spetses and Hydra.Gastronomical and relaxation experiences are also widely available.Greece is a nice country to visit and live for its culture and nice weather!

  2. Nick Georgas says:

    To be honest it's nice to see the old monuments .But otherwise there is nothing in Greece that does not exist in other countries especially the west.Athens is a dump in comparison to many other European cities!! Monastiraki is really the only place to go that is clean,but very boring as well.All the restaurants sell the same stuff.I am not being negative but seriously there is not much to see and do.As I said there is not much uniqueness.Even the shops selling memorabilia are the same.Many Greeks would love to leave!! Not much going down here.Even before the crisis!!

  3. Jebbie says:

    It's been my lifelong dream to visit Greece one day. My Grandfather immigrated from there as a young teenager alone on a boat by way of Ellis Island. He died more than 70 yrs ago (I'm 42) w/out ever telling anyone about where exactly he came from or about his people. So, aside from his name & coming by boat from Greece we know absolutely nothing about him. That's why I'd give anything to be able to go there & find the missing pieces of the puzzle. One can always dream.

  4. lnzic says:

    I have been to Athens and I can only say that in this video you see the nice parts of the city, but when are you going alone on the other poor side of Athens , there you can see the real truth of their lives -hunger and dirt…I was really disappointed watching this and seeing that

  5. Irum Bi says:

    i ve been in athens for four years one of the best cities in the world historically.mostly people likes to speak greek but most of them likes to communicate in english too..the fact is i loves athens

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