Cusco – 5 Things Tourists Love & Hate about Cuzco, Peru

The best and worst parts of visiting Cusco, Peru. The former capital of the Inca empire has a lot of tourists and travelers to love. From incredible Inca temples, the …

23 thoughts on “Cusco – 5 Things Tourists Love & Hate about Cuzco, Peru

  1. Lea J says:

    Happy to see this series. Looks like you and your family had a great time. These videos are very reassuring as my son has applied to do a summer study abroad program in Lima at the Universidad del Piura, which includes trips to Cusco and Machu Pichu. Good to know it is safe (with common sense precautions of course)and that the people are friendly as part of the purpose of his trip is to become more fluent in Spanish (one of his minors). Lots of good information that I’m passing along.

  2. La Realidad says:

    Beautiful place but ah yes the touts and sellers there are hardcore in Cusco and Ollantaytambo! Can be intense if you're alone. Another tip for anybody that's a smoker, the people of Cusco are VERY sensitive about smoking overall. I'm a polite smoker but even being 10 meters away from people they may abuse you for it and cough dramatically. It happened to me 4 times. Be warned.

  3. publi edos says:

    OMG Cannot watch all the vid…. you´re sooooooooooo fast and quicked, it seems that coca leaves makes some effect too…. what a quiiiiiiiiiiiiiick talk my friend….. sorry, I reaaly cannot watched the whole thing : (

  4. Cassy Trillhose says:

    I love that Cusco has many vegetarian and even vegan versions of peruvian dishes, amazing breakfast and coffee in the market and cheap collectivos to explore the countryside by yourself. And compared to Lima, the air quality was great and I had no trouble breathing! Also the mountains everywhere (especially in the sacred valley) are truly beautiful! 😍

  5. Ram Barlev says:

    Eat the street food and in the market. Best value for the money. Peru in another example how a European power screwed this country, destroyed all the archeological sites and too all the riches. It's time for reperations

  6. Ram Barlev says:

    Liked Cusco. Stayed in San Blas. Agree about the aggressive street vendors. But when you are earning around $200 per month you understand why they do that. Nicer city than Lima it Arrequipa. And it's close the Sacred Valley.

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