10 Best Travel Destinations in Venezuela

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3 thoughts on “10 Best Travel Destinations in Venezuela

  1. OceanView LandForSale says:

    PUERTO RICO, only 100 miles by 35 miles SMALL, has all the BEAUTIFULL NATURAL RESOURCES AND COMMODITIES that other countries have. But there is a catch: you can TRAVEL IN MINUTES (NOT HOURS) FROM BEAUTIFUL, PEACEFUL, EXCITING SPOTS TO ANOTHER. For instance: from a lay-back "Parador" at a cool mountain range, like in Jayuya, to an exciting beach on the warm coastline of Dorado; you can drive, in a few minutes (not one or two hours), from a captivating rain forest water fall, like Coca Fall in El Yunque, Rio Grande, to a full-of-adrenaline surfing beach, like La Pared in Luquillo; you can transport quickly from a dry forest reserve on top of a mountain over-looking the Caribbean Sea, in Guanica, to a wonderful smelling coffee plantation in the soft greenish hills of Yauco; you can go, in only several minutes (not even 15 minutes) from a thousands-of-years old indigenous ceremonial park, like Caguana in Utuado, to a 370+ years-old full of Spanish architecture town, like Ponce; from a freezing body of water, Dona Juana's Puddle, in Villalba, to a natural thermal water inn in Coamo. And so on and so on and so on … You will want to come back to see the rest while SAVING TIME, ENERGY AND MONEY.

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