Visit Poland – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Poland

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42 thoughts on “Visit Poland – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Poland

  1. BRYLANT5700 says:

    ha ha ha PROSIM ?? it is in Russian not in Polish should be PROSZE
    No smile on the faces because we are a soft filling between two hard neighbors and we never had or have friends only bloodsuckers and traitors around.

  2. Oleksandrr Homa says:

    The1 of the things which shock in us, people say -"How are you?" and they answer "Good" does not matter even if you are dying. And 2nd thing, it is normal for people to say-"How are you?" and walk away. Because no one really gives a damn how you are, no one wants to know how you are. The 3d thing is people ask you -"How are you?" even when they see you the first time. They do not even know who you are but they ask you "How are you?" I did a few times an experiment when after being asked by the shop assistant "How are you?" I asked, "How is your father?" A person was confused and asked -"Do you know my father?" I said, "Do you know me?" People in the English speaking world communicating by using rituals they do something they do not mean. It is strange.

  3. PaniZegarkowa says:

    We, in Poland, still suffer from the stereotypes from when our country was behind the iron curtain. We are perceived as an Eastern Europe country, whereas we are right in the geographical centre of the continent 😉 When I lived and worked in the UK, I woud often hear things like: "oh, so is your cyrylic alphabet difficult to learn?" (and how would I know, I've never learnt Russian); "you guys are always drunk, maybe because it's so darn cold there" (well, the weather is the same as in Germany, actually and no, we don't drink so much alcohol). Poland has changed a lot since the 1980s and 1990s. It's a modern country, rapidly developing. The only thing that is still to be changed are the salaries, which are way lower than in Germany or France (with comparable costs of life). Other than that, I think, had it not been for the 50 years of Soviet regime in Poland, we would be where Western European countries are now. Greetings from Gdansk!

  4. #1Jedi Yoda says:

    It’s not pronounced proseem. And you don’t speak Polish. It’s pronounced proshem. And they kept serving you cabbage and potatoes because they saw from your size you have a large appetite and wanted to make sure you didn’t go hungry. It’s not true they serve cabbage and potatoes with everything. You must have only visited tourist traps around the main square. Hardly any tourists visit Poland? There are tons of tourists that visit Poland and especially Warsaw, Krakow and Zakopane. Everything around the old town is geared for tourists.

  5. Zinte Poe says:

    Thx for good film. I'm Polish and I love my country. Poker face? Yes, but Polish not pretends feeling. If he is happy – you see it, if he's sad – you see it too, and he tell you why. Here fake smile is not used. Polish tell you what he think, even if can Little hurt you – because the truth is better than the slightest lie. Meet our world-famous Polish hospitality. Polish are not racist – come and see how beautifull is Poland, and people who are wonderful, kind and willing to help. Grettings for everybody!

  6. MrJx4000 says:

    Polish food is the best anywhere. It can take a little while to cook it right, it's very wholesome and without the chemicals, so yeah, you have to be patient. The Poles take pride in their cooking, making Polish sausages (my father was a butcher), pierogies, cabbage rools (gołąbki), cooked hams, etc.

  7. Alicja S says:

    Obejrzałam filmik dwukrotnie. Sądziłam, że byź może źle zrozumiałam wypowiedzi Woltersa. Jednak po ponownym obejrzeniu doszłam do wniosku, że jest jednak osobą wyjątkowo irytującą. Ośmieszanie i pokazywanie w ciągu 1,5 minuty 6 czy 7 – krotnie rzekomo "martwego" czy mówiąc delikatniej "neutralnego" wyrazu twarzy jest co najmniej niestosowne. Podobnie zresztą jak wyśmiewanie ziemniaków i kapusty, które to rzekomo jada się do wszystkiego. Albo głupi albo złośliwy. To, że jemy w Polsce częściej określone potrawy, nie powinno być przedmiotem drwiny. To tak jakby wyśmiewać Włochów, że jedzą makaron czy Chińczyków, że jedzą ryż. Poza tym – o ile wiem – Wolters ma korzenie niemieckie. Tam zaś ziemniaki i kapustę też jadają często. A jeśli jest to dla Niego tak irytujące to po co tak często przyjeżdża do Polski?

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