Eat Seattle – 5 Things You HAVE TO EAT in Seattle

What to eat when you visit Seattle… From amazing seafood to hotdogs covered in cream cheese, Seattle gives foodies a lot to love. But as we don’t have time to …

22 thoughts on “Eat Seattle – 5 Things You HAVE TO EAT in Seattle

  1. Wolters World says:

    Hey There Fellow Travelers! Just a note, I messed up and said sour cream on the Seattle dog, that is WRONG!!! It is CREAM CHEESE ON THE SEATTLE DOG… I ate it and it was good and it was definitely Cream Cheese 🙂 Just wanted to make that note. My bad!!! Sorry!!!

  2. Nick'sGaming says:

    Also, if you like tea, check out our tea shops. (And, if you're in town the last weekend of September, try to fit in a day or two [Saturday or Sunday] to go to the Northwest Tea Festival.)

  3. Shamanbear Two says:

    I now have a hobby watching videos made about Seattle (where I live) by tourists who don't seem to have ventured past the Market/Seattle Center. This was not bad but does anyone ever get outside of the tourist trap 8 block area of downtown? Every video you will see on YouTube will tell you the same thing. The Market, the gum wall, Ivars, the Space Needle, repeat. My last out of state guest never saw any of this. I showed her why I live here and what to see and when she got turned down for the job, she cried because she couldn't move here.

    1) Seafood – bingo. If you are downtown in that tourist trap area and want a great sit down seafood dinner with a view, try Cutters. Its expensive and the kind of place you take someone to impress them but they get that seafood you just saw in the video and cook it right up. Incredible service, no need to wear a suit and tie because we don't wear ties unless you are a lawyer in a courtroom so just a nice pair of slacks and a decent shirt and you will be fine.


    2) Chowder? The Ivars is somewhere between a can of Campbells and Progresso clam chowder. Its what we would expect to see at the food court at the malls. Because that is where they are at:) We don't eat chowder, we eat pho.

    3) Seattle hot dog? Been here since the Reagan days and have never heard of one. I used to eat at the Market most days years ago when I worked downtown and never saw or heard of one. Its a Seattle tourist thing but not a Seattle thing.

    4) Asian food – lots and lots of choices here. Teriyaki? Nothing to write home about. Its the mildest, blandest of all of the choices and kind of like the Chicken McNuggets of Asian food. If its a decent sized Korean place instead of just a Teriyaki place, then try the bi-bim-bop instead. If its a rainy day and you like hot bowls of soup, then forget the chowder choices and get a bowl of Vietnamese pho. Its like your grandma's chicken noodle soup if she was some kind of Vietnamese gourmet chef. Huge bowls served at lunch usually running around $3.99 a bowl with either beef, shrimp, or chicken and served with basil leaves and sometimes the best cream puffs on earth (Pho Than Brothers – You can find lots of Asian choices at the International District which is very easy to get to if you are already downtown. This is where you go for lunch if you speak Mandarin or Vietnamese and want something that reminds you of home. You will not find Panda Express here. Or, you could head out to the UW (University of Washington District) which is nothing but block after block of cheap Asian takeout restaurants catering to international students. Any of these Asian places will cost you about the same as going to Jack-in-the-Box or ChickFillet but be real food cooked to order. My suggestions? Chinese hot pot or dim sum, Vietnamese pho, Thai curry, or Ramen bowls. Easy to find and all levels of mild to hot.

    5) Donuts? Really? I didn't realize we were some kind of donut place. Must be another Market thing. Piroshkyy Piroshkyy is fantastic pastries in the Pike Place Market. Be prepared to stand in line for 1-2 hours in the summer to get in the door. You could walk down the street about 8 blocks to their other downtown location with no line. And if you see Macrina Bakeries (Macrina Bakeries –, everything from bread to pastries will be awesome.

    But in all seriousness. The people of Seattle buy more pot brownies in any given day than Top Pot donuts will do in a month. If you are gonna spike your insulin and max your carb intake for the day, you better get a buzz with it. We smoke cannabis and drink mochas all day. We don't eat chowder and hot dogs:))))))))))))

  4. Sara Henggeler says:

    I’m a local from Seattle and if you want Seafood do not go to crab pot!!!!!!!! Ivars is great and along that street please stop and get the lemonade. My fav food spot in Seattle is Dicks and get a chocolate milkshake

  5. Koi Matai says:

    I'm only 2 mins in but hopefully you hit redmill best burgers in Seattle Dick's gets old I just get the cheeseburgers and fries the deluxe just has to much stuff on it

  6. Angelica Crawford says:

    Glad you liked Seattle!!
    I also love going to Dick's to eat cheap! Purple is also a great place to go for a nice dinner. Lots of food trucks here too.
    It's cream cheese they put on the Seattle dog. It's soooooo good!

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