What to Do in Palm Beach, Florida | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times

Palm Beach may be known for its extravagant mansions, tony retailers and fancy nightspots, but it also has its own brand of small-town charm. Produced by: …

34 thoughts on “What to Do in Palm Beach, Florida | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times

  1. The One and only Pinky Pinky says:

    I live in NYC like many New Yorkers we are looking for a place for when we retire Sick of snow and ice storms and plus I cant walk in the ice. I am White my hubby is Chinese from the video it doesn't look too diverse ethnically. Though we have New Yorker friends there none are Chinese. Will he be treated like a take out guy even though he is an executive? can we eat dinner at 2am with no problem? We are New Yorkers there are alot of New Yorkers there how much of our late night life style do we have to change if we move there?

  2. Brian Cook says:

    The real problem with Florida isn't high taxes.  Florida doesn't have a state income tax.  The problem with Florida is the price of homeowner's insurance.  Florida has hurricanes and sinkholes every year.  That's what makes it expensive to live in some areas of Florida.  I don't think Palm Beach has a problem with sinkholes.  Those sinkholes are mostly a problem in the Tampa Bay area.

  3. Brian Cook says:

    Florida is not a cheap state to live in.  Palm Beach has some of the highest property taxes in the state of Florida.  Southern Florida has the most crimes too.  Florida used to be a great state for senior citizens who wanted to retire, but the cost of living has increased significantly. It's 1 a.m.  It's 84 degrees in Palm Beach with 82 percent humidity. It's never that hot at night where I live. It would definitely take a few years for me to get used to that kind of weather.

  4. Peter Todenhagen says:

    My parents live in West Palm Beach.  I moved down there for about a year, but quickly moved back to Buffalo.  Yes, the Winters are nice, but the food is bad and it's very fake, lacking of character.

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