Hong Kong Travel Guide

Our Hong Kong travel guide! Our final episode of season 1, and We had so much fun in Hong Kong, my favourite city in the world. Now we can share our …

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  2. DIY-HongKongCompany says:

    Use Google Maps to navigate directions, use Open Rice to find local restaurants, buy an Octopus card (upon arrival in the airport) to pay for all transportation & buy stuffs from local convenience stores, buy a local SIM card with data to use your apps on your phone (Get the SIM from a local CSL store, or other mobile stores). Maybe there are still a few more items, but this will let you last a couple of days in Hong Kong.

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  4. Chris Williams says:

    Again, you never cover accessibility for those of us that use walkers and wheelchairs, or who cannot walk far. Baby boomers are the largest demographic and we have more money to travel, so there are a lot of us that wish to know these things.

  5. yunlong CHEN says:

    Dear tourists around the world: There are simply too many tourists in Hong Kong and its becoming really crowded to a point that local people in Hong Kong are feeling claustrophobic when they walk on the streets. I invite that you consider taking a trip elsewhere and that you don't come to Hong Kong unless it's absolutely necessary. This discouragement applies regardless of whether you're mainland Chinese, British, American or otherwise. Kind Regards, People of Hong Kong.

  6. LordArioh says:

    Tipping is the worst. I come from where tips are unexpected, but appreciated, so who used to do that they are OK, who never done that, no one's gonna get mad at you. In US i'd probably be the most hated for not tipping once, since I tipped only taxi drivers when I'm severely drunk and I got no idea how's it possible the price is one, but you're expected to pay more. Sounds crazy to me.
    Anywho, I'll be visiting HK for a week, is there anyway to get public transport card for a required amount of days, or just have to get a new one after first is expired?

  7. Steve Mano says:

    I was born in hk and emigrated to Brazil at the age of 14. Have been back twice since I left in 1980. Do i miss hk? Nah. The people are boring in general. They care about nothing except for money and marriage. People in hk are not cultured or creative. They lead a really uninspiring life. Boredom is the best word to describe Hong Kong.

  8. Emilio Adrias says:

    I lived here for the first year of my college studies! It was an amazing, unforgettable experience. It's wildly different living in this beautiful city than visiting it as a tourist; you get to see a lot more of what Hong Kong has to offer than what you've barely scraped here (even if it all is amazing)!

  9. Maciej Konarski says:

    Why even bother getting an octopus card? It's only like 3 HKD cheaper per ticket, plus you pay for the card. You have to reload it, worry whether there is enough on it for the journey, and its easier to just buy a new ticket each time.

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