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Warsaw – The capital of Poland stands today as the product of some of history’s most defining events. Follow us through the city and see all the best spots to visit …

38 thoughts on “Warsaw Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. AJV says:

    We (Lithuanians) are used to constantly complain about an oppresion of communism in the past, but we cannot even imagine what have Poles been through… I literally cried watching this video. Hats off to you, brothers.

  2. Antonela J says:

    I was in Warsaw two weeks ago and it's amazing city, of so much diversity. Polish people are kind and safety is on top level. I will visit it again for sure. Greetings from Croatia

  3. Discovering Destinations says:

    Thanks for one more great video! We have visited Warsaw in 2017. The old and historic town of Warsaw is an amazing place to discovery! We loved to walk around and see all details and to learn about Polish life style, specially since we learned that it was almost 100% blown up during WWII and they restored the old town to its prewar appearance and they did a really amazing job!

  4. Adam Smith says:

    Went to Krakow from London last month. Very safe place no police or to be scared of any terrorism. Pure Europe high 🏨 standard good prices and quality of a food happy kids they have seen live nativity scene with all animals. I was surprised that everything looks new .I don't know how

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