Margaret River Wine Region Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Margaret River Wine Region – Surrounded by coasts on three sides and enjoying virtually rain-free summers, this region is primed and ready for lovers of more …

26 thoughts on “Margaret River Wine Region Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. wilsonmcc1 says:

    As a domestically well-travelled Aussie, I can easily say it’s one of the top 5 ‘must visit’ regions of Australia. Stunning scenery (the beaches are amazing), exceptional food and wine, geographical diversity and great people.

  2. Genyfer Spark says:

    God I love this place. I love how it’s got beaches, rain Forrest, fields of flowers, rivers. I get the train from Perth to bundbury then drive to Margaret river. Forgot about those: the caves. I remember spending a whole day and was surprised by the amount of water in them even though they were in the bush! Okay you got me crying now. I must miss it more than I want to admit! My soul so much needs this 🙁

  3. tidusfantasy says:

    Lovely video. I would love to visit here next time when i visit perth. Can expedia please do a video for Calgary, Canada please? 🙂 And where Can i get this music of this video, its super chilling and I love it!

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