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Lisbon – Welcome to the capital of Portugal. Explore the hilly streets of this coastal city and take in the rich culture here. Check out the top spots to visit.

42 thoughts on “Lisbon Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. jjsep60 says:

    Been away from Portugal for 35 years going back to my roots in less then 5 days with my children and grand children.
    I miss my family and friends and the way of the Portuguese life, Love from Sydney, Australia.

  2. Janz Anton-Iago says:

    Great to see appreciation of Lisbon and its vibe. 😁☀️
    I wanted to share my Lisbon travel series, In the Mood For Lisbon: ​@
    I recently moved here in this city, really wanted to share my passion for this city. Enjoy!

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