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Jersey – Steeped in history and laced with cliffside walking trails, welcome to the largest of the Channel Islands. Don’t miss the top spots to check out in Jersey.

29 thoughts on “Jersey Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. dover one foxtrot says:

    The island 'is horrible now. St. Helier is a concrete jungle, tourism is dead compared to the 1980's, its expensive to holiday in, and as for tax free shopping ? That's all but a distant memory now, take plenty of money with you, you will need it ! And after dark there is absolutely nothing to do there anymore. Personally, I wouldn't waste hard earned money on the place, they killed tourism, and got their just deserts in doing so. Gibraltar is a much better bet, nice weather, plenty to do day and night, and when they say tax free shopping, they mean it ! Here's an example… 1 litre bottle of spirit in main street.. £8. ..1, 70cl bottle of spirit in a Jersey supermarket £16.

  2. RokSimmer (gal4God) says:

    Went as a kid and it was fun. I remember playing and climbing on the ww2 cannons but they where out of use at the time (90’s) and I remember the coast as well and the war museums but my was obsessed wiv ww2. He was a couple of urs too young to fight in ww2.

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