Mt. Fuji Travel Guide

Our Mount Fuji Travel Guide! What an incredible experience exploring the area around this Japanese icon. The towns and villages in the shadow of Mt Fuji are …

41 thoughts on “Mt. Fuji Travel Guide

  1. Rolando Mîchel says:

    As always, a job well done! But this is arguably one of my most favorite of your offerings, cinematic in scope and yet Zen in tone, I was entranced. Having just returned from the Land of the Rising Sun a mere three weeks ago, you have just spun the wheels for me to plot my inevitable return, with Shuzenji being top on my list.

  2. LordArioh says:

    first thought was how in gods name you got to Fuji by shinkansen. closest station is Shin-Fuji, roughly 40 km or rough hiking away. then realized you're not gonna climb it. nice story tho)

  3. Spun says:

    New subscriber here, and I'm astounded. Why haven't I found your channel sooner?
    The quality and presentation of this video is jaw-dropping. The editing. The camerawork. The composition. It looks truly professional. So far above and beyond the usual YouTube videos of this genre that it is simply no comparison. You have real talent man. Well done.

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