Uluru: Australia's rock of ages – Lonely Planet travel video

Author John Vlahides visits Uluru (Ayers Rock), the iconic monolith in the heart of Australia; a geological wonder, cultural landmark, and sacred place.

20 thoughts on “Uluru: Australia's rock of ages – Lonely Planet travel video

  1. gazza listermint says:

    I climbed the rock on a trip to Aussie in 1995. Can't climb now which is probably a good thing. Remember the trip from Alice springs on a coach, which the air con had broken, and, remember the guide had a thorny dragon which he was going to release I believe when we got there.. Great trip. We got up very early to climb coz it's extremely hot any other time. Yes the stars were great too as we camped under them….

  2. Galliano Marr says:

    So in native australian culture they dont say hello and goodbye? Its interesting, because as a child I always refussed to say hello or goodbye to my parents, because it was like we are always connected or we are one and it was absurd to me to say hi or goodbye to them.

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