One Day in Las Vegas | Expedia

A layover in Las Vegas, Nevada, doesn’t have to mean taking naps and eating airport food until your next flight. Instead of cozying up to your luggage for the …

41 thoughts on “One Day in Las Vegas | Expedia

  1. Doc Don says:

    U need to know Ecuador 🇪🇨 Ingapirca, Altar Volcano, Quilotoa, Baños, Montañita, Frailes, Zaruma, Cuenca, Quito, Cuicocha, Yasuní, Bahía, Cuyabeno, Mindo, Ayampe, Salinas, Manta, Tonsupa, Cojimies. U will enjoy

  2. Roblox Lover101 says:

    I live In Los Angeles and to me I personally am ok with Las Vegas there is to much strip and gabbling if you have kids I do not recommend living there I think Las Vegas should have 3 and a half stars it basically just depends P.S it is a beautiful city at night though.

  3. Erin TheTruth says:

    I absolutely love vegas, I just flew last month for my 1st time and seen the circus ola show(a must see) their acrobatics were out of this world, keeps you on ur feet. I have 2 short clips on my pg of them doing amazing stunts. 5*****s

  4. Abria Strickland says:

    If you want to see how it’s like to visit and be in Vegas especially on New Years visit my page. My YouTube video shows the strip,food, hotels, clubs.. 🙂 press like and subscribe for me please I’m new to YouTube ❤️

  5. gemma marcum says:

    When I was 10 I went to las vegas with my family. on our last day, we were walking the strip and my dad and i noticed a man walking strangely, but we couldnt get away because it was busy. next thing you know im covered in throw up, im crying, people are staring and i am just like in my head 'wtf just happened' we went into a drug store and a worker there was very nice. they didnt have a bathroom and so she let me use the staff restroom. she gave me hand sanitizer, wipes, and let me wash myself with the sink. props to that lady if it werent for her, i probably would have fallen into a deep depression. okay not really but still

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