Gibraltar – After Brexit – Travel Guide | Travel VLOG Episode 53

What will and has changed for Gibraltar from your traveler point of view when the United Kingdom left the European Union? And what else should you know if …

18 thoughts on “Gibraltar – After Brexit – Travel Guide | Travel VLOG Episode 53

  1. Derek Rowland says:

    well this is exactly the problém with colonies…
    your 'mother country" just decides for you and then Gibraltarians need to leave the EU even though majority of them voted NO… kinda sad

    but still, an interesting video

  2. joe caterman says:

    I wouldn't say its that unlikely that there will be no deal… maybe there is some early intransigence…. but if both sides stay fixed… there will be no deal. UK is insistent it will diverge (otherwise there would be no point in brexit)… EU is insistent it will not… ultimately if the UK decides the price of no deal is less than the price of being tied… again, no deal.

  3. Filip Tichý says:

    why is every video from your appartment from a different angle? 😀
    anyway kinda interesting video 🙂 I appreciate that you look more and more sure of what you are doing in front of the camera 🙂

  4. Lex Universe says:

    Have you ever been to Gibraltar? What would you recommend? Haven't you? Have I inspired you with this video? Let me know in the comments bellow 🙂 (And don't forget to like and subscribe, if you like my videos and want to support me 🙂

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