A visit to Valparaiso, Chile – Lonely Planet vlog

Syncopated, dilapidated, colourful and poetic, Valparaíso is a wonderful mess. Often a traveller’s first port of call when arriving in Chile, Lonely Planet Pathfinder, …

20 thoughts on “A visit to Valparaiso, Chile – Lonely Planet vlog

  1. Tamora P says:

    I don't think Valparaiso is a good place to visit. After dictatorship 1973 all the factories vanished from the city and poverty poped up. Some kind of Detroit case. People can be robbed and many tourists could risk to loose their lives because of their belongs. This has already happened to a canadian tourist who visited Alegre Hill in Valparaiso. He was stabbed and loosed his life. Every day, there is many pickpockets working everywhere and you cannot visit this city safely. There is no enough police there. Sadly it is the truth. Don't say I didn't warn you. Choose another place in Chile instead. There are many. Maybe some provincial towns. They are pretty and safer.

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