17 Best Restaurants in Quebec City | Top Local Food and Nightlife Guide

These are the 17 Best Restaurants in Quebec City, Canada . Alex and Marko share their top spots for the best food and nightlife in Quebec City. From street food …

26 thoughts on “17 Best Restaurants in Quebec City | Top Local Food and Nightlife Guide

  1. Victoria Giuseppina Parisi says:

    Really great video! Pinned almost all of these restaurants on my Google Maps Trip Planner! Really excited to get my grub on in this historically rich city! Been reading a lot about these restaurants but it’s way better to ACTUALLY see all food and the hype they’ve garnered for themselves… I also hear Chez Tao is interesting and will be hitting up Royaume de la Tarte (Kingdom of the Pie) because I’m on a mission to find the best pecan pie (and meat pies) in all the land ~

  2. LeCoureurDesBois says:

    It's good to see people come here and enjoy our city, food, lifestyle, history, nature and culture! Even living here, we can't know about everything that exists, so even myself I learned some things during the series

  3. Skating Canuck says:

    As a Canadian I have been to Quebec city 3 or 4 times but you introduced me to so many new restos to try in your series. I love that you dedicated a whole series to this unique and beautiful region of Canada. I will definitely use this series as a guide for my next visit there.

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