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Not everything lives up to the hype. Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for The World’s Most Overrated Travel Destinations.

34 thoughts on “World's Most Overrated Travel Attractions | MojoTravels

  1. Dav Dave says:

    Ironically, the best places I've ever visited are underrated. Give me a outdoor onsen in the Japanese winter and a Sake over some tawdry tourist trap shithole any time.

  2. Susie says:

    Pyramids, Giza Plateau and Valley of the Kings Egypt. Definitely manage your expectations. Petra is SOOO much better. Not saying it's not worth seeing but be prepared to be underwhelmed. But definitely do Egypt – they're are so many other UNDERRATED things. I'd go back

  3. Danielle Rose Vann says:

    I cannot believe Blarney is on this list! This is one of our favourite places in Ireland. Sure, the stone is just a stone, but the gardens and grounds are beautiful and make for the perfect day of exploring. Anyone who thinks "there just isn't much going on" there just didn't take the time to explore.

  4. shop99er says:

    The French Quarter smells of vomit, urine, smoke, and booze. Been there once, and will never go back. Mt. Rushmore was an utter waste of time. Haven't been to the others.

  5. Jonezy1977 says:

    If you ever come to Copenhagen, don't waste time on the Little Mermaid (it is called Little Mermaid for a reason), spend some extra time in Tivoli (which is a truly magical themepark in the middle of town) instead.

  6. Röno Boarisch says:

    Champs Élysées has nothing to do with a green field. The name is French for the Elysian Fields, the paradise for dead heroes in Greek mythology.
    Your comment is quite strange and sounds uneducated. Or is it a kind of bad humor?

  7. бaрон says:

    If you took high school literature, you would know that Champs Elysees are the ancient Greek concept of the Elysian Fields, or heaven. This is my second MojoTravels video and the writing seems to be done by someone who skimmed the first paragraph of an article or simply commented on based on their "common knowledge" for 10 minutes. You should hold yourself to a higher standard. The concept itself is interesting, but it's ruined by the low quality.

  8. StamfordBridge says:

    Popular museums would be far more
    enjoyable if there weren’t hordes of idiots taking photos of everything and even standing in front of other viewers to take selfies. For God’s sake, people, if it’s a famous painting you can find a perfect print online or in a book, but while you’re there in person, take it in with your eyes! Otherwise, what IS the point of art?!

  9. TheFlowMind says:

    The Statue of Liberty was the mostly disappointing for me. I stupidly thought it was going to be huge. Something like a colossus of 200m in height. I mean it’s big but most of the height is due to the pedestal. Not the actual statue. The other one was the Mona Lisa. Really tiny portrait and you can’t really see anything since you have to view it from 2/3 meters away.
    On the other hand Monet’s huge painting in the Orangerie museum in Paris managed to fill the disappointment from the Mona Lisa.

  10. marco brenni says:

    The problem with modern mass-tourism is that almost all is disappointing, because tons of tourists are everywhere: all is overcrowded ! Paris, Venice, Rome and so on. As fo Monna Lisa: it's for sure the most overrated piece of art, only because it was made by Leonardo and also his preferred.

  11. FloWittmann says:

    I disagree with loch ness. Was there in August 2018 an it was beautiful and not crowded at all. I was at a no very touristic village at the south shore. Took an awesom hike. And the sea was stunning.

  12. David Haymes says:

    i agree with most of this list, especially the Blarney Stone. The castle has almost nothing inside of it. the views from the top are amazing however and the castle gardens are awesome. You are completely wrong about Loch Ness however. Yes Nessie is not a thing and does not exist but Loch Ness is more than just a lake. It is a stunning piece of nature with it's surrounding landscape and Urquhart Castle is awesome. The visitor center there has nothing about Nessie and I never saw anything more than a couple of different shirts at nearby stores and I have been all around the Loch. Don't go to Loch Ness for Nessie, go because it is beautiful.

  13. Lady Starlight says:

    Kissing the Blarney Stone isn’t all that great, but wandering around the castle grounds is the true highlight! I went a few years ago in early November, and there was hardly anyone there. The trees were a variety of colors, some growing in twisted shapes in and out of the ground. You could wander around for several hours, and there was no line for the castle and stone.

  14. Brace Brooks says:

    Good list, and the sites at Washington D.C were overrated in my opinion. I didn't enjoy my experience there back in the 1990's. I hope they'll do a list of the most underrated tourist attractions if they haven't yet.

  15. Julio Areck Chang says:

    We arrived at the legendary Moulin Rouge in Paris and my friend couldn't believe how small it actually is. "Is THIS the Moulin Rouge? Is that ALL?" she asked. And then come the overpriced tickets for the shows.

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