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Fuerteventura – The second largest of the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago situated in the Atlantic Ocean. This island is famous for stunning beaches, …

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  1. Rosa Dondiego says:

    fuertevendura e un isola dalle mille emozioni ogni posto e angolo di quell.isola e diverso e diverso dall,altro a volte duro a volte pittoresco dove si possono provare le senzazini piu belle ammirando la conca del vulcano sendendo la brezza del vento e la forza delloceano sono state due settimane bellissime

  2. Jorja Oliver says:

    I was born there!! I’m trying to find really cheap all inclusive flights so me and my family can go over there again, me and my nan are especially homesick and it would be so amazing to go back there. I’m hoping to try and find my dad over there too lmao

  3. Jonathon Roberts says:

    @2.15….' Welcome to mars'. I think Brits pull down our island way too much. The scenery in places like wales, cumbria etc absolutely piss over this. Given the weather we've had this summer, why on earth would people want to holiday in this place??

  4. FuerteTube says:

    As English expats living and working here for several years, we like Fuerteventura to be shown off in her best light. Nice video. Lovely shots. The people are generally lovely too. We love our island. Our channel is dedicated to telling many stories from within the island's community.

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