Transylvania Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia | Halloween Special!

Transylvania – a place of spooky legends and mesmerizing sites. Discover the best places to visit and be swept up in the living fairytale of one of Europe’s most …

32 thoughts on “Transylvania Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia | Halloween Special!

  1. Expedia says:

    Transylvania is best known as a fog-draped landscape of vampires and howling wolves, but our crew discovered so much more when they ventured to this time-forgotten region of Romania.

  2. Sharona M says:

    I have visited Transylvania and I can confirm that the place is just as beautiful and majestic (if not more) as shown in this video. The landscapes in Romania are a sight to behold! Well done to Expedia for shining a light on this gem of a country.

  3. emilia13ful says:

    Thank you, Expedia! I am choosing my holidays based on your guide tours on youtube and I must say they are 100% true, you have never failed me. I used to revisit your videos on youtube after coming back from a holiday just to prove to myself the 100% accuracy but I don't need to do that anymore😊.I know you capture the exact beauty of each city/region/. I have wanted to see something about Bucharest and Transylvania for a long time now.Thank you so much for this fairytale description and for the unique music! 👏I hope people will appreciate the beauty of the region.

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