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Cape Town – On South Africa’s Cape Peninsula, the waters of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans converge alongside the cultures of the city. Explore Cape Town …

38 thoughts on “Cape Town Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Joao Sousa Nascimento says:

    As a Brazilian I always try to compare Cape Town with Rio de Janeiro, but I gotta be honest: RIO CANNOT OLD CAPE TOWN`S CANDLE! Totally hands down. It`s just insanely breathtaking and the architecture, MY WORD! Congrats South Africa for such beautiful, well kept city.

  2. Abigail Knott says:

    Fish Hoek is seriously underrated in this video. They briefly showed it. Barely said anything about it. In my opinion, Fish Hoek beach is the best beach in cape town and has a really nice relaxed community vibe. They have markets there too. I live there and it is the safest place in Cape Town. Used to live in Muizenberg and always felt in danger. Not so in Fish Hoek. If you don't live there you won't get it. Don't knock it until you live there.

  3. Heidi Mannuzza says:

    Thank you Expedia, your video about Cape Town is very beautiful and informative. We visited all the places that I saw in the video last July. You didn't not disappoint us. My hubby and I visited the Truth coffeee shop in our last day before heading to Safari. The aroma of the coffee and the taste is excellent.

  4. Usama Fayyaz says:

    How much will a 10 day tour cost for 2 persons?? Including everything like food,accommodation,traveling,activities,entertainment,etc …. tour shouldn't be too luxury but well above average in all aspects.

  5. FrenchChillDiscovery Vevo says:

    If you've never travelled to South Africa, it's a must see country, because it's so big it has all the imaginable ecosystems (from sea to mountain, from forest to desert, from savanna to grassland + all the AMAZING wildlife…). I'm French and it's probably the richest country I've travelled to in terms of diversity. Talking about the wildlife, if you want to see what some of it looks like, go peek on my channel, there's ONE video talking about it. For your culture, not mine !!

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