Trip to LONDON 2019! (New Year's) (VLOG)

Hey! Welcome Everyone This will be my first Vlog/Video to be uploaded this Year. I like to apologize in advance for how I do not really talk in the video. I am still …

8 thoughts on “Trip to LONDON 2019! (New Year's) (VLOG)

  1. But First, Mum Life says:

    I’ve just hit the bell button cause your filming and edits are just 😱💯💯💯💯 Excellent excellent! You make me wanna step my game up! Gonna go support you via my ‘BOSS SINA’ page too. …London. My cityyyyy! You went to all the best places! 👌✨❤️

  2. MrMentalz2 says:

    This came in my recommendations randomly and I enjoyed it! It’s pretty cool seeing tourists enjoy your city. You sounded American idk if your familiar with Atlanta, Georgia but I wanna see that place after watching the tv show “Atlanta” with childish gambino 🤣

  3. tinyvessels says:

    Hey Frizz & Curls, awesome vlog! I would love to see London one day. Would you recommend it? What's your favourite part about it?

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