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Ilha Grande Bay – For those seeking the best kinds of treasures, Ilha Grande’s riches know no bounds. Check out the top attractions here. When ready, browse …

41 thoughts on “Ilha Grande Bay Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. 南书房 says:

    Hi,please let us know how to contact your team. We are a Chinese firm building travel sites in China. We want to embed your Video for our Chinese audience. However, Youtube does not work in China. our email is Thank you very much.

  2. Vineet Reddy says:

    Where is all of these such places…. u r make videos of developing countries but notyet India….. why u do like this Expedia….. u must never forget to make such guides as Mumbai, Delhi etc…. but we are seeing only Brazil….

  3. Brenno Quadros says:

    Good intention, but the video is very innacurate: some images are in Mangaratiba and in Paraty, which are not part of Ilha Grande! Ilha Grande is 1 hour and a half from Rio, Paraty is 4. It should be named "Costa Verde Bay", and not Ilha Grande. By the way, Ilha Grande is a paradise on Earth!

  4. Alan Capuano says:

    Worth mentioning is the carnival in Ilha Grande – the very opposite to the wild, sweaty, opulent carnival shown on the TV, it's a kinda old-fashioned one, with people singing old, naïve tunes and children playing on the streets.

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