Visit New Orleans – The Don'ts of Visiting New Orleans

New Orleans, The Big Easy is one of the best tourist destinations in the USA. From the historic architecture in the French Quarter, to the parties on Bourbon …

24 thoughts on “Visit New Orleans – The Don'ts of Visiting New Orleans

  1. alwaysdriveing says:

    As someone who spent most of their life moving to New Orleans right before Halloween and moving out of New Orleans right after Mardi Gras, this is a very accurate video. Good job. Not to much I can think to add other than follow your instincts. If you feel uneasy, go ahead and move back out of whatever you were walking into.

  2. Gregory D'Angelo says:

    As a native, I'd say even locals sleep on the WWII museum. DO NOT. It's so worth going. If you have any interest in history, have vets/active servicemen or women in your family, or whatever you need to go. Several exhibits hit really hard, and should be seen by every american.

  3. Pheonix Sunrise says:

    All this just seems like common sense for any big city ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I will say though, one of the things I experienced is a guy trying to hustle us. He literally just came up on my cousin and started “shining” his shoes and then tried to ask for money. Like my man, you might want to lead with what you’re charging before you put your hands on someone’s shoes.

  4. Deej L says:

    Explore outside downtown & the quarter. There is so much more to see & do, outside of the city! The Garden District is beautiful. Magazine street is a blast, lots to do & see. Abita has an awesome brewery!

  5. Kay Lew says:

    I watched this video before going to New Orleans last May. It gave me some helpful tips and I really loved the trip. Kept my wallet in my front pocket while I was there thanks to you btw.

  6. Jody Hakala says:

    Is one of my favorite videos even know I gained a lot of information from you helping us travel to Germany and tips going to Italy next but I had no idea about all these things in New Orleans I might actually go there.

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