One Day in Rio De Janeiro | Expedia

If you’ve scored an extended layover in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, start brushing up on your Portuguese. With hours until your next flight, you have the perfect …

39 thoughts on “One Day in Rio De Janeiro | Expedia

  1. 오이백WooYibaek says:

    don’t book anything through expedia!
    it will only leave you there call and call, call an call to its service phone!!! it won’t give your money back if you meet a typhoon-cancellation!! Be ware Be carful Guys!!!

  2. Jamuel Lonei says:

    with an god it hepilisa adula for i by nettaulag tie ponese..- you baulay si n it helepinae of hualg cilep ohaulag with chanda nee it hey wil one panulag tiey are henleineug kay if honttey poneul or ulered

  3. Jamuel Lonei says:

    bello if hay ban wheliep cuellasg for u taulay it by here whelipsen god Comtitey and seuelgasned to, ehulg nag meuledasg aulay Benngaulae or hile pan By heneilager talioad to pa Sorerd aonlgauda
    Yund frliepp on faulag sered are ulg it how… Chaolapinaud terinleg ang vehagaleg to…? Nettueleg and Gune? wil taulagind teulepineg nag asinlag tieue d of bey mood u here wa u with on mileseg e or hinep nag cneggod ulietnige or bere filipines adaulag ineshep Bonleepuineg as.. uonegasd ulay it honineg kailo whepineg it angdiag benge kalanag tule Makati city anulag it here…. 🙂

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