8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Going To Disney World!

Just like with any vacation, there is plenty of planning and preparation involved. There’s a few questions you’ve gotta ask yourself before going to Disney World!

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  1. DDS029 says:

    WDW's 50th Anniversary will be the same year as my wife and I's 45th Anniversary, which would be a great time to go. But we haven't been able to make it back after our only trip so far, in 1991. This time next year is when I'd want to go. Fingers are always crossed.

  2. Earl Watt says:

    Other than possibly a first-time, four-day trip, you are going to want park hopper for sure. It brings added value to your trip and flexibility in dining options vs. park activity options on the same day. Moving from park to park is easy. Our first night usually involves eating at Epcot and then checking out the castle lit up at night at the Magic Kingdom before our trip really gets started. Park hopper is worth it.

  3. Critter Keeper says:

    One big tip about layering — don't forget to have something to put those layers in to carry them around, or to plan a route/schedule that lets you drop them off in a locker! Only thing more awkward than carrying a bunch of clothes around is trying to carry a light saber and a droid around. 😉

  4. mike says:

    Watched you for about a year getting ready for my honeymoon and thought that’s it, nope your videos make us wanna go back. It’s hard not to love this place and I can’t wait for the 50th anniversary

  5. Britt says:

    20 days till we’re there again. Ohhh, I’ve missed it so much. Can’t wait to see all of this years new attractions. We go during the Mardi Gras holidays every year, since we’re from LA. 11 people, three days, three different parks. Do not forget sunscreen and snacks! But most importantly, have a magical time!

  6. rslitman says:

    Video suggestion – Best rides (if any) for people with a history of back problems. Up until a few weeks ago, my thought was, back problems be darned, I'm going to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, etc., anyway! Now that my back is giving me problems again (and nor due to any unusual activities), I realize that's a bad idea. So is there any ride with a little bit of excitement that we folks with back issues can ride?

  7. Micheal Feeney says:

    @ 02:00 Park hopper vs single park per day. Now this is one benefit of being retired Military, AJ. We kind of get that benefit auto-magically just for buying our tickets. Sorry everyone else who did not serve, but the points AJ are making at this point in this video… ahem. Roight. STFU'ing now.

  8. Stephen Brown says:

    We took our daughter to Disney when she was three at while she remember quite a bit, especially meeting the characters, she says she didn't really appreciate it. Took her again when she was six and she absolutely loved every minute. (And she got on more rides).

  9. Stephen Brown says:

    Okay I have a challenge. Heading to Florida this summer for a complete tour of the state. We've been to Disney a few times but friends coming with us haven't. We have for days in Orlando and want to do Seawold and a water park. Just wondering how best to see Disney in tow and a bit days. Figure that The waterpark wont take a whole day. Any tips/ideas would be great.

  10. Steve Davis says:

    Something to think about with little kids… We've taken ours when they were 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 (not that many trips but different ages) but the one thing to know is that when they are really small (1-4) it's not a trip for them per say, it's a trip for the family. They won't remember it but you as the parents will and it'll be great to go back to the pictures of how much fun they had on the trip even though they won't really remember it. Also with the little kids don't forget rider swap! our littlest couldn't do most rides but we could do them with our older one so we could do 7dwarves 2x (one adult each time) with her. Side note we just went for 1 night around xmas time and are planning our next trip in Dec!

  11. Richard Stoops says:

    Disney is a great place to visit too find out that your not doing as good as you think , it’s a great place to disappoint your kids by not being able to afford to do everything they want, it’s a great place to buy overpriced crap , if ya want a mouse too rob ya it’s great , it definitely is a 5 star resort but it has a 10 star price and with all that said , Disney World is a great place they keep it clean , they have new technologies, they are friendly and they got me when we took my handicapped niece, they catered to her , they let her go any and everywhere, they made sure she had a great time, the barber shop quartet sang to her ,she passed away a few years later and I personally don’t care what it cost I know how they treated a handicapped little girl like she was everything, they went above and beyond their jobs they actually cared and I will always feel I owe them, I take my grandkids and hope to take my great grandkids I wish they weren’t so expensive so more kids could go and we could do more while there , but I will always be grateful for probably the best time in my late nieces life .

  12. RLucas3000 says:

    1). AJ, is Joey not working for you any more? Love you but miss him.

    2) Would you consider doing a crossover with The Dis Unplugged? I love both your shows and I think it would be great if fans of both of you discover each!

  13. Michael Lam says:

    I stay in my timeshare in Orlando. I bring food and drinks into the park. I drink only water. Buy only base tickets, I don't waste time going from one park to another in one day. Just stay the whole day and enjoy it thoroughly before going to the next one.

  14. Kim T says:

    My biggest issue has been with the price of food at a park. So the free disney dining is a big deal for me. Our schedule is crazy so booking way ahead of is also an issue. When you think about what you've already paid to go in the park and then add food on top of it. When you start paying though $15 for a fast food burger, MMMMMmmmm….. and I have to admit after we went on our last trip to Chef Mickeys and I saw the bill. I usually try to not let it bother me, but it did. I had to ask myself, was it really worth that much? So then we went to Trails End and the carved meat was really fatty/not good quality. and again, the MMMMmmmmmm… I don't mind paying a decent price for decent food.

  15. Andrew Massman-Hall says:

    Omg absolutely yes. This will make the difference between an enjoyable trip & a miserable one. Good shoes, designed for walking, already broken in. Don't underestimate the importance of the right socks too. Double sock on long walking days to help reduce friction on your feet. Good running socks (like New Balance's running socks) work amazingly as well.

    Do yourself a favor & don't wear flip flops. That's asking for blisters.

  16. Laura says:

    Brought my son for the first time when he was 5 (flew all the way from NYC, stayed in Port Orleans on site). He is now 25. When asked what he remembers , honestly, he says "the plane trip". Seriously. Well, at least I had a blast. Suggestion: bring a stroller (even at 5 years old). The walk from our room to the bus was 20 minutes. Best thing we ever did. Waited till he was 8 for next trip and he remembers everything. Suggestion#2: take an 8 year old on all the rides and then on the last day, let your child pick his/her rides! My son went on Space Mountain 7x time a row from 8am-noon and that was fine with us!

  17. Emily Henry says:

    I absolutely LOVE your channel and blog and refer to it constantly! That being said, you could really use an update on what to eat in animal kingdom! I’m going in about a week and need some updated info! ❤️❤️❤️

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