Magnificent Megacities: Muscat (Anthropology Documentary) | Spark

Muscat, the capital city of Oman, is highly modern, while also deeply rooted in the past. Nestled between mountains and desert, Muscat is Oman’s oldest port city …

27 thoughts on “Magnificent Megacities: Muscat (Anthropology Documentary) | Spark

  1. Geelle Guure says:

    Oman is the most stable and peaceful country in the Arabian gulf all the way to horn of Africa, why?, they kept distance associating with Saudis, UAE and Qatar, trouble makers of the Muslim world. Donโ€™t let those gangs to infect your nice nation and beautiful country.

  2. Geelle Guure says:

    Oman is very lovely and we Muslims are proud to it. God bless Oman leaders and itโ€™s people. But dear sister Huda donโ€™t forget to please GOD, cover your head and donโ€™t forget your identity of Islam. It looks we are leaving Islam and others are entering. The best and true religion is Islam. And the best and richest language is Arabic. The 2nd richest language is Somali. Language competition has been done in BBC over 30 years ago. And amazingly these two languages become the top culturally rich languages in the world. It was a shock to the western world. That means these two nations and their surroundings are rich in culture and have very long long history which goes back thousands of years before England and parts of Europe were populated. You must be proud for your culture and history.
    In the language competition English became one of the poorest and newest language joined the world.

  3. zaiton abdulhamid says:


  4. Toudji Boubakar says:

    It's a beautiful country notably the capital ,however I want to stress on one thing , hijab is not optional as she said according to Islamic provisions , it's mandatory for believers . people who say that it is optional are severely missleaded by the West (civilization) and they are making a lot of efforts to convey and spread these notions throughout Muslim society with a great support from media in order to introduce them as successful role models and all this focus is only to give the impression that if you want to be successful woman you have to throw away all your customs and traditions to do so . they want to say religion is the first obstacle you have to overcome. This is a sort of deception.

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