Visit Uruguay – 5 Things You Have to Eat in Uruguay

From amazing asado (grilled meat like steaks and chorizo) to Dulce de Leche and Tannat Wine, Uruguay has so much local cuisine for locals and tourists to …

29 thoughts on “Visit Uruguay – 5 Things You Have to Eat in Uruguay

  1. Jonathan Dalton says:

    Great video I also highly recommend canelones, their recipe for lenteja con arroz. I loved their Guiso, Fideos con tuco. Empanadas are amazing especially if they have bits of egg in it. Milanesa is bomb. On the border by Brazil the xis is amazing or the grilled pineapple with cinnamon and sugar. ร‘oquis are the bizz!! With some tuco. Chorizo al pan canโ€™t beat. Now for sweet any flavor of membrillo on bread or a biscocho from a panaderia omg!!!! To wash it down get that amazing guaranรก. Oh and one weird thing get some rice with mayo on top with choclo and some ground beef.

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