Kauai, Hawaii, USA in 4K Ultra HD

The islands of Hawaii are amazingly beautiful, each one in its own way. Kauai stands up for me as the most stunning one, but I will leave you to form your own …

41 thoughts on “Kauai, Hawaii, USA in 4K Ultra HD

  1. zachmatt3 says:

    Regarding the comments on the background music, I prefer this over what people expect of "Hawaiian" music. The music tourists expect seems trite. When you're actually there, most people are listening to the same music the rest of the world listens to.

  2. zachmatt3 says:

    I've visited Oahu, Maui, Big Island, and Kauai, and Kauai is my favorite because of the relative peace and quiet. All of the islands have spectacular natural beauty, but Oahu is massive traffic jams and throngs of people everywhere. Parts of Maui can have dense traffic as well, and too many people. The Big Island has a lot of areas that are peaceful and just about as beautiful as Kauai, but some parts of the Big Island (e.g., Pahoa) can have near gridlock along the major routes. If I return, I will limit my visit to Kauai.

  3. Hans Blix says:

    Hawaii is nice.
    I have lived there for a long time.
    Unfortunately it is run by super incompetent politicians, and has become too expensive and is quickly becoming just like Communifornia.
    The economy is horrible…Homeless people everywhere…..Waikiki stinks like urine

  4. Floyd Saunders says:

    I really enjoyed my visit. We had an AirBnB room in a vacation condo development, with beautiful ocean view. First day took a private plane tour of the island from the air, with the dinner and Hawaiian dancing. Next day, paddle boats to a Hiking spot, a nice hike in the rain forest, followed by zip lines. On the 3rd day did the sunset dinner cruise off the coast and drive to canyon. Took time for the beach and at tour of a botanic gardens. Just a great experience.

  5. Jason Babila says:

    I was born and raised on that island, in Lihue to be exact and moved to Wailua homesteads then I had to leave Hawaii completely for the pacific northwest due to the fact that the high paying jobs are rare with the rising cost of living, Kauai will always be my roots but I’m definitely happy where I’m at today.
    But at least my parents still lives on Kauai, the majority of my childhood memories and places I have gone to and play are now gated and inaccessible after the entire sugar industry on Kauai shut down for good.

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