BEST SYDNEY Cafe for BREAKFAST at Sydney Darling Square (Darling Harbour)

One of the things we enjoy on the weekend was exploring new cafes in Sydney. Sydney is well know for its brunch culture. If you’ve been to sydney darling …

50 thoughts on “BEST SYDNEY Cafe for BREAKFAST at Sydney Darling Square (Darling Harbour)

  1. STUFR - Travel & Food videos says:

    Matcha pancakes. I need them NOW!!!! But the risotto… yumm as well. The fluffly souflee pancake looks sooo amazing. I love that is has yuzu flavor as well. Damn you make that food look soo good. And also cool to see Yess in the video 🤩🤩😎😎

  2. S P says:

    Your videos are beautiful.

    It’s now four months since we’ve been in the US. We’re here for work. Your videos make me homesick, but I console myself by saying it’s a matter of 18 months before we’re back down under.

    As a temporary resident in the US, I do not wish to be the foreigner who says all the wrong things about the US. What I’ll say is that the crime rate is extremely high here with random shootings, personal attacks, larcenies and burglaries happening almost every day, in the same city. That’s something I have never experienced in my 25 years of living in Australia. It is not a criticism of the US; my American friends do agree with this fact.

    However, what I can say is that as locals in Oz, we tend to under-appreciate how wonderful Australia is and how beautiful our cities are. And above all, how safe and how genuinely fair our society is relative to so many other OECD countries. We don’t stress this enough, I reckon. It is not to say that we go extreme and be patriotic.

    I am so glad we don’t have the culture of patriotism in Australia, and yet we are proud of our nation and culture and most importantly we as Australians come together strongly as one when it matters the most. I could not stress enough that because we are not a patriotic bunch, our views aren’t as restricted, which then allows us to have more freedom in our abilities to accept and appreciate others’ values and get along well with them despite any differences. There might be some isolated incidents that are incongruent with what I’ve said, but the comments I’ve made here are a general observation and personal experience of living in Australia, as a local.

    2-hour grocery delivery has been the highlight here, so far. One box ticked.

    Please continue to post more wonderful videos. Cheers

    Oh, I miss the coffee in Australia.

  3. Puri and Sue says:

    You guys blend well with the Edition Coffee cafe, black and white 😋 Daaang that souffle looks incredible and so soft, with pistachio cream…. oh gosh yumsss to the max!! Subscriiiibee Wild boar meatball 😋

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