St Lucia Denies Aidaperla With 3400 Passengers Entry Due To High Number Of Respiratory Infections

St Lucia Denies Aidaperla With 3400 Passengers Entry Due To High Number Of Respiratory Infections St Lucia health officials have denied the Aidaperla cruise …

32 thoughts on “St Lucia Denies Aidaperla With 3400 Passengers Entry Due To High Number Of Respiratory Infections

  1. Gray Geezer says:

    We’re on the Carnival Magic in Philipsburg St. Maarten today and the Aida Perla is docked directly in front of us. The passengers have been allowed to get off and freely roam the island.

  2. Richard Kelly says:

    St Lucia made a smart move. I was on NCL and the ship was loaded with NoraVirus however the authorities let the ship dock at each port knowing about the situation. I guess money over peoples health with matters more NCL.

  3. Achim E. says:

    Exactly one year ago I was on AidaPerla… on St. Lucia I had a drink with contaminated icecubes, and the next day, on Guadeloupe, I got sick with vomit for 2 days… so I missed to see Antigua, because I had to stay on my cabin until I was healthy again… but the trip was wonderful, especially Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Aruba and Curacao… the carribean islands are definitely worth a visit! 🏝🍹

  4. Jeremy Andrews says:

    One does know how fast the Norovirus can take down a ship full of passengers. IF the closed system exacerbates a simple "upper respiratory infection" euphemism intended, and now we know that the corona virus can be spread from person to person in early stages before patients are sick, this does not bode well for small islands who don't have facilities to medically serve 2 to 6,000 sick passengers, God Forbid ! This is not going to end well for anyone across the board. And if travel insurance does not cover epidemics, passengers are going to be screwed for thousands of dollars, if cruises are cancelled or passengers denied boarding for any reason. This is not good at all. Could decimate the present cruise season for sure. Already cruse lines are redirecting ships away from affected areas, and cancelling cruises outright for fear of infectious diseases. Sad !!!

  5. john nolan says:

    There's a relatively common respiratory ailment called "Cabin Cough" that can develop on cruise ships. It can be caused by the conditions on a ship: travelling from the air conditioned interiors to the hot outside to a hot tub and back to air conditioning, to saunas, etc. as well as the close proximity to many other passengers with minor colds, etc.

  6. Dwayne says:

    wow. How would you like to go on a cruise and be denied entry at every port because of respiratory infection outbreak on the ship. Sounds like nightmare not a vacation. Those poor people.

  7. Paul Boden says:

    This story raises lots of issues and questions. Was this hysteria, precaution, or was the virus on the ship? Did you hear about the family that cancelled their Norwegian cruise(virus fears) and Norwegian is refusing to refund $32K. The family have travel insurance, but were told "epidemics aren't covered"!

  8. Sambo No5 says:

    This is spreading faster than a bushfire in the dry season and it's gaining momentum…This is SHOCKING news, unload the sick and infect the next lot!!! Just hope they Ain't "Cruising to catastrophe" Thanks for the update BRUCE😆😆 Doing a FAB JOB😆😆 LONG LIVE BRUCE😆😆😎😎

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