We head to Liverpool, former European Capital of Culture, to discover the city’s rich cultural legacy – then get a quite a surprise! SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN THE …


  1. Mary Jones says:

    Used to go to the pier head as a kid a penny return on the tram from huyton used a machine to make a penny bracelet with my name stamped on it I was called Mary Randles then little things mean a lot love my people and my town oh and my accent XXX

  2. Duncan Sands says:

    You always go to the big city's which are all the same, try the smaller northern city's which have far more character because there not built to rob tourists!! Why did you not visit Washington or Boston, or Richmond or Lincoln?? THAT'S YOUR HISTORY!!

  3. Phil Proffitt says:

    Nice job lads…showcasing my local city. Its a very friendly, multicultural place. Cheeky bit of advice to help Americans blend-in: River Mersey…you say Mercy, but it should sound like 'Merzy'! And scouser…you say scowzer…should sound like 'scoucer' (scow-sir) ;-))

  4. Martin Kidman says:

    No mention of the football teams, cathedrals & universities and student life? Plus no shots of St Georges Hall and the museums and art galleries 😮 Good 10 minute review all the same but too focused on the Beatles IMHO

  5. Scouse Shamrock says:

    You didn’t mention the high crime rate here people dropping like flys all the money is in the city go out 2 miles and you see the poverty roads full of pot holes and very aggressive people on the street who really dose not want to live

  6. CareBare Hair says:

    Liverpool had strong Unions who really fought hard for the rights of workers – that is why the establishment turned their media against us – called us lazy and called us dishonest. Sadly people still believe that guff.

    Also slaves were bought in Africa from the slave markets that had existed there for centuries. The richest people on the planet were African men who traded slaves. Their biggest customers were the Arabs/Muslims – they had been enslaving Africans since before Muhammad's time – Muhammad himself owned many slaves – the Quran even has instructions on what you must do before you can have sex with one.

    Time's were tough – luckily us British ended slavery and freed the entire planet – unless you count those African and Arab countries that still practice it…

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