PERFECT day in SAN SEBASTIÁN Basque Country

San Sebastián is THE BEST. We surf, SWIM WITH DOLPHINS,, eat amazing PINTXOS and party with LOCALS in Europe’s 2016 Cultural Capital, Donostia-San …

23 thoughts on “PERFECT day in SAN SEBASTIÁN Basque Country

  1. Caeyric Hasz says:

    Zer moduz, I am a language learning digital nomad and I was in Donostia, the basque name for San Sebastian. I didn't plan on learning the language, but I decided I will learn it too. What a beautiful region; How great it is to work from everywhere. To have the freedom to choose.

  2. Nelson Brünger says:

    I grew up here, nowadays it is nothing like it used to be… all the new hipster culture and mainstream businesses have made it unbearable to visit as a tourist. Hotel prices are absurd , its always packed with people and Im heartbroken to see it like this. I miss going to the fronton to play with my best buddy and after that to the "pico del loro" (the rock separating la concha from the ondarreta) and catch little crabs and snails.Then Get an ice cream and watch the world cup as my country won . It sounds cliche but it was such an amazing time. The school I went to was amazing St.patricks English school and fun fact the son From the famous Chillida sculptor went to my class , his name was miguel. On the weekends all the schools from the entire city had a saturday soccer beach league , so much rivalry 😂😂.Also my school won the league for over 5 consecutive years. Also I wont ever forget swimming with my father to the isla santa clara on a low tide day, You could almost walk half way there.The nostalgia that comes up in me is un describable, after fifth grade I moved to madrid and Its rather dissapointing. 😞

  3. Cameron Milligan says:

    GREAT video, guys.I have been to over 60 countries and the Basque country totally changed everything for me. I even started writing because of it! I spent time in Bilbao and Getxo but I have not had the chance to see Donastia yet. This video inspires me to go to this city and really take some time to absorb it.

  4. Asis says:

    My home town… Beautiful! It seemed bias when I said that, thanks for backing up what I always proudly declared! Best place ever. Gora Donosti!

  5. VonFixxxer says:

    5:29 Actually, 'La Tamborrada' has a very different origin, being more of a carnival party where some people marched in groups playing drums and other instruments for fun. Sometimes on bad times at night lol. Throught the years (we are talking 20's here) this event got more popular and also serious and ended being the most important party each 20 of January of San Sebastián. These companies roam throught all our city that day.

    The thing you talk about, though, is the August 31th celebration, which was the day the English and Portuguese destroyed and pillaged our city, which is remembered each year by playing 'tamborradas' only in the old part. They also fire fake old rifles and cannons. They even play pipes, is pretty espectacular.

    And, lastly, TODAY, me included, we celebrate the 'Gaztelu Eguna' (Day of the Castle), which commemorates the 'Actas de Zubieta' which had place on september 7 and meant the rebuild and resurrection of our city. To me, the best-party-ever.

    By the way, did you know there are nothing but one of the very, very few cannons left of the 1588 Invincible Armada in Urgull? In excellent shape, nonetheless… and no, it's not the beautiful, huge 'Rosita Wicke' lol.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post, your video was excellent. Thank you!

  6. Jon Spoonfed Dean says:

    I just got back and it’s such a cool
    Spot. The cheap food and drink is world class. Surf is good and people are friendly. Also an easy drive to Hossegor…another great spot, especially for bikelife

  7. JJDonosti says:

    How did I miss this for so long?? Damn Youtube recommendations!!! I was born and raised in Donosti but been living in Australia, Jamaica, Colombia, US and several other countries, nothing beats my hometown imho, love this video, big thumbs up!

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