Visit Oslo – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Oslo, Norway

Oslo is a great place to visit on vacation or for a holiday, but even great places with Viking Museums, Nobel Peace Prize Ceremonies and so much more has a …

37 thoughts on “Visit Oslo – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Oslo, Norway

  1. Xin M says:

    Just came back from Oslo, I have to say I LOVED nobody bugged me when I was shopping for my souvenirs in the store. I had plenty of time to compare and eventually made my mind purchased a little Viking statue, nobody ever rushed me. Love it.

  2. denjeanlimbourg marie laure says:

    i am in Oslo at the moment , and it is very expensive, the prices are insane. I disagree on one point : i don't feel Safe at all here.People in Oslo are not friendly in café, or in Museum. They are not happy to see us here and it is obvious.I don't like much that Town. Nice to see the architecture and that is all. I won't come back for sure and i won't even recommande that Town. better go to Stockholm

  3. Jomern says:

    Nice video dude. Even I, who lives in Norway didnt know about the Oslo pass though. Very cool. Something I also reccomend is visiting ww2 museums like the Norway Resistance Museum. I personally think its interesting to see how the people in Norway lived under ww2.
    Ive also never heard about Hot dogs in Norway being a must.

    Also, most beggars are non-norwegian. They come to Norway to beg.

  4. Life on Hoth says:

    Stop tipping norwegians for service. Service is included in the salary. And the tipping is just something that makes it offensively spendy.

    Sometimes I show the restaurants that gives u the terminal to put in the amount u want to pay how I really dislike that practice by putting in less than it costs.

    If u tip – never do more than round up to closest nok 10 if u are ashamed by not tipping. Which u shouldn't. Norwegian service providers should be ashamed to even ask for tip.

  5. CHU says:

    j'ai passé 6 jours à Oslo .j'ai adoré la ville .c'est très propre .les norvégiens sont beaux .les transports en commun bien développés .j'ai très envie d'y revenir .c'est vrai que c est une ville chère .

  6. ccityplanner12 : says:

    I am commenting from Oslo & I prefer the customer service here to that everywhere else I've been (including England where I live). It is like a dream. The video makes me worry I may be bothered by the attentiveness of American customer service.

  7. MrViking says:

    There are only two type of beggars in Oslo, gypsies and drug addicts. If you like, give the addicts a few bucks but go around in a big circle of them gypsies. They beg for a living and makes good money on it. Some even receive good welfare money in addition. Probably they earn more than you. Just saying…

  8. Dominic Brunetti says:

    One thing to know is: DO NOT TAKE A TAXI FROM THE AIRPORT. I was nursing a sprained ankle so opted to take a taxi into the city center and it cost me almost $200 USD. Needless to say, we used the train to return. 🙂

  9. plutorama says:

    That’s SOOOO strange that they wouldn’t choose to take advantage of the money-making potential off tourists during those longer days and just stay open til there’s no more daylight left. I think they’d still have healthy traffic and revenue.

  10. Helge Møen says:

    Most bartenders and waiters in Norway are sweedis so if you are disappointed in the service blame blame Sweden! If you can't afford Oslo it is because we earn about 10 times as much as the average American, so its fun for us to go to the US..

  11. Temporally displaced says:

    Who in their right minds describe a place where if you ask for help, you get help as having bad service because you "have to ask"? Of course you have to ask! Why would you NOT ask for help if you need help, and why in the world would you then think the service is bad because you didn't get help with something you didn't ask for help with? It's rude and ungrateful.
    I can't understand the way of thinking. And it's harmful because I fear that some day the customer service industry is going to listen to foreigners saying things like this and then you can't go shopping without being harassed by staff.
    On the few occations when I've gone to a shop to look for something and I've been put on the spot and stressed out by staff getting in my face and asking if I need help, I've just said no, left the store and never come back. I don't want to be put on the spot and feel like I'm being watched while I'm browsing wares and I'm getting the impression this is something I share with the majority of the population here. Ideally staff shouldn't even know I'm there until I've made my decision and approach the register.
    I don't want to have to do all my shopping online because stores started listening to this nonsense.
    In short, please stop putting this as a "hate" in your videos. The customer service here should be a "love" or it shouldn't be in the video. Appreciate and respect service workers and their way of doing things (which is how Norwegians want them to do things) or don't come.

  12. Bunchy Bunch says:

    We recently did interrailing and focussed mostly on Norway. We stayed in Oslo for three nights and didn't do a lot of the touristy stuff, but it was a pretty nice city, apart from that much of it was under construction. My husband is mostly a city-hater and didn't enjoy it so much! We had pretty good customer service but we're British and aren't used to the U.S. level of customer service, which I understand is excellent.

  13. Carrietta White says:

    For me, the fact that no one will disturb me every 5 minutes is a big advantage. I hate "good service" in the American style, when every moment someone from the service ask me something – if I need help, I will ask.

  14. Roxana Damian says:

    Can attest to what he said about Oslo, it's expensive (luckily i was there with work and the company was paying the hotel and had a food allowance) you have to be prepared to spend a lot even on postcards (i payed for them with my own money). There isn't much to see, but it's nice what they have there. I enjoyed my stay there and i would recommend if you have the budget.

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