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There are no shortage of options for a top things to do travel guide of London, England and this list should help kick off your planning! Visit …

12 thoughts on “London England Top Things To Do | Viator Travel Guide

  1. Duncan Sands says:

    I'm English and Afternoon tea is for tourists, there is tea, a meal around 5; but tea time is whenever you like or at work set breaks during the day, you yanks always go to the same bloody places and get Robbed!!
    Try the Northern city's Manchester, Bradford, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds; lots to see way cheaper and far more English than Disney land London!! Hire a car and don't go with Viator there gabbage!!!

  2. nick riley says:

    This is bullshit!! It's pronounced tems for starters. Bath and Stonehenge are about 3 hours away and there is nothing about Leicester square, Covent Garden, The Shard or go to Harrods or a football game. China town and Soho are awesome. Or how about a West end play. Go shopping down Oxford st.

  3. John Taylor says:

    Being British myself, i don't know anybody who has ever done afternoon tea. If i said to any of my friends or family that i was going to do afternoon tea i would get some strange looks. I don't know where this strange sterotype has come from. Actually i do, it comes from Yanks

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