TOP 10 COPENHAGEN DENMARK | Essential Travel Guide

What to do in Copenhagen? Where to Eat? Where to Drink? We got you covered! Join Alex and Marko for an awesome tour around Denmark’s capitol city!

30 thoughts on “TOP 10 COPENHAGEN DENMARK | Essential Travel Guide

  1. Csa Tks says:

    I live in Copenhagen, but I don't ride a bicycle a lot even though I've got one.
    I also think that Torvehallerne is very expensive and Warpigs and places with microbrews like Mikeller are places I rarely go to.
    Papirøen food market doesn't exist anymore, but it's moved to Refshaleøen and is now called Reffen.
    New Nordic Cuisine is also something I think is expensive. Smørrebrød can also be expensive.
    A de facto local dish could be shawarma even though it isn't from Denmark, but one of the best places to get shawarma is located in the middle of Copenhagen.
    I always get disappointed when I get shawarma in other countries because I know this place.

  2. David Warburton says:

    @vagabrothers Just spent 2 nights in Copenhagen with some friends as part of an extensive post-college Euro trip, and took you up on some of your tips like Grod at Torvehallerne market, Christinia, Copenhagen street food, etc. Also, checked out some sights, did a canal tour, and rode some rides at Tivoli. It was actually warm enough to swim in the Harbor/ canals, as well, which for a person coming from the toxic water of the Baltimore harbor is truly amazing and inspiring. Anyway… just wanted to say thanks for the tips. Just subscribed and love your videos. #BeCheerful#StrivetobeHappy

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