Top 10 BEST Things To Do In And Around SANTIAGO – Chile Travel Guide

I spent 8 days exploring in and around Santiago, Chile and had such a blast. These are my top 10 things I think you should do when you travel to Chile’s capital.

44 thoughts on “Top 10 BEST Things To Do In And Around SANTIAGO – Chile Travel Guide

  1. Bob says:

    You do a great video because your information is relevant and interesting. Your presentation is enthusiastic and cool without going overboard like so many do on YT. So believe me you don't need the deliberately choppy editing. You don't need gimmicks. You're fine without it. The choppy, jumpy editing is annoying and distracting. Just don't. Thumbs up anyway though.

  2. Чилийский герой says:

    hello super, a national park will be created 3 times bigger than santiago at the back of the ski areas in santiago, it will be like going to patagonia but in the metropolitan region there is a great tourism to go to the mountain range, there are glaciers , lakes, forests, hills, rivers, flora and fauna will be extraordinary

  3. Thomas says:

    Thanks for all the great advice. I'm going in less than two weeks and this was very helpful. But one friendly word of advice, do you really have to do 5-6 jump cuts in one sentence? It makes you look like you can't speak a single sentence correctly in one recording and I'm sure that's not true. No offence really.

  4. anibal_bastian says:

    As a Chilean that lives in Sweden i would not recommend Chile as a destination for vacation in Southamerica, Santiago has together with 2 other cities like Valparaiso and Viña many pickpockets/thiefs and robbers. Not to mention that violence against women are high rated in Chile. And if you think that you will get help from police beacuse you a a woman from Us or Europe? forget it,

    If you wanna enjoy a dinner outside of a resturang be prepared for dirty tricks from people begging for money, not to mention that after sundown its dangerous. Go to brazil, Argentina or colombia instead,.

  5. Condon John says:

    A little late in the day but time to pay tribute to the guy who uploaded this video. The reasons I like it are two:
    1. Thank you for pronouncing the country's name correctly CHEE LAY not Chilly/ 2. I've been to Chile a few times, but always on business, never had time to explore as much as I wanted to. However did spend some wonderful days in Valparaiso and Veenya. First visit many years ago while Pinochet was dictator. Country under martial law. Historic connection with country of my birth (note you never touched on the history of Chile – an oversight I must say). Bernardo O'Higgins, great grandson of an Irish soldier of fortune in service with the King of Spain, grabbed up the long narrow stretch of land extending the length of South America and that is Chile. Bernardo is the George Washington of Chile. His picture is on the currency (you did not mention that). Big statue to Bernardo in city center. When the folks realized I was an American of Irish birth they took me to their hearts. If I ever decide to retire in a Latin country it will be Chile. Ah! Concha y Toro and wines of Chile. Fond memories.
    Thanks again.

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  7. Martin Kent says:

    Dans Santiago, un grande nombre de parents ignorent les regles sur la circulation lorsque leurs enfants sont avec eux, et bon nombre de ces parents sont des fonctionnaires. Au Chile, les jeunes meritent d'etre entoures de fonctionnaires responsables, consciencieux respectueux des lois; leur avenir en depend. Si nous doublons les amendes routieres dans les capitales, nous verrons apparaitre des rues et des adultes respectueux de la loi, ce qu'on attend depuis longtemps, sans Santiago. L'Organization Mondiale de la Sante, Bureau de Securite Routieres, estime que le respect des regles sur la circulation est souhaitable depuis longtemps, au Chile. Imaginer!

  8. robertosoon says:

    Chile is amazing!!!…has absolutely everything to do and everything is so close just a couple hour driving, if you want ski is right there, if you want to swimming or fish is right there, vineyards are near too, even Santiago city has a lot more park as Parque de Los Reyes,Meopolitano, Parque Ohiggins, so many restaurant and pubs, also there so many museum to visit with free admission, is a peaceful place to enjoy, and during the summer time you can be part of free tours and a lot cultural activities, you will never get bored in Santiago or any other place in Chile you will find fun in the entire country

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