San Diego Travel Guide: Top Things To See, Do & Eat

We’re exploring all the things to see and eat in San Diego during one delicious weekend! Open this section to learn more โ†“ Read more about the trip: …

45 thoughts on “San Diego Travel Guide: Top Things To See, Do & Eat

  1. africandialects says:

    I live in SD good video but you missed a lot of other things like…

    Coronado, Cabrillo National Monument, kayaking the protected La Jolla preserve, USS Midway, Little Italy, North Park, South Park, University Heights, PB, OB, MB, Sunset Cliffs, Julian, world famous number 1 Zoo in America, multiple breweries, fish tacos and the CA burrito which are San Diego inventions.

    What this video shows is what can be done in ONE day.

  2. Enrique Espinosa says:

    Any place to go walking or stop by for a little while in the beach or bay area or longer if you been where there are a number of people and your talking with someone or just being there and busy a little and then being there a little longer and walking by more other people and you are listening to their talk or your talking to someone else or someone your with talking to with a little !

  3. Jeannified says:

    Great video! Hillcrest, Golden Hill and South Park area great areas, too. The Big Kitchen is a must visit for breakfast. It is owned and run by โ€œJudy the Beauty,โ€ who hired Whoopi Goldberg years ago, when she first moved here to California. I think she even stayed with Judy for a while. I think she worked at The Big Kitchen for a couple of years.

  4. American Metalhead says:

    When you are in Tijuana Beach you can see San Diegoโ€™s buildings, I am in Tijuana right now for vacations, I live in San Diego and itโ€™s the best city in my opinion… when I saw the buildings since Tijuana I was like, wow. My city my town, come to San Diego everybody is welcomed!

  5. ok 01 says:

    The nightlife sucks, everything closes early. Women are snobs because there are MORE MEN than women. The cops are nazi & it's segregated. The mexicans are very passive & just let the whites control Everything. That would NEVER happen with Latinos from the Caribbean or South America. The pros are obvious. Natives will NEVER tell you the cons.

  6. Reggie Novenario says:

    Forgot one important thing.. Mexican food. We arguably have the best and most authentic Mexican food in the country. The closer you get to the border the more authentic it gets. I highly recommend Tacos el Gordo. Every San Diegan.. and I mean EVERYONE has to get their Mexican food fix. If you doubt me, ask anyone who lives here.. i promise you. And everybody has their own favorite taco shop and swears by it. Dam.. im craving a California burrito

  7. peerkbh says:

    Unlike so many other San Diego videos on youtube yours has great camerawork, charming hosts, inspiring tips for travelers and even a storyline that really makes it worth watching. You do this great city justice. Can't wait to return. Many thanks.

  8. l0l says:

    I live in san diego, well not exactly, I live in Northern San diego, and I live right beetween Vista and Oceanside .V.

    sorda around mar vista but not too far from vista village, if you live in my area XD

  9. Psi Thurisim says:

    If you're ever back in the area, try to get yourself to Tajima Ramen House. San Diego is cool, but there's a lot to explore just north of it as well and the train is cheaper on the weekends, I believe, and it makes stop in the seaside towns which is really fun to do.

  10. Ernest Marshall says:

    For mexican food, try the following:
    Galaxy taco in La Jolla.
    Puesto at the old police head quarters
    Tacos el Gordo
    Tacos el paisa
    Aqui es Texcoco
    Tj oyster bar
    Tacos Fernandez
    And pretty much every food truck on Main street Chula Vista

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