36 Hours in Glasgow | The New York Times

Drawing on its rich musical and industrial heritage, Glasgow has re-emerged as a vibrant hub of culture, food and night life. Produced by: Fritzie Andrade, Max …

36 thoughts on “36 Hours in Glasgow | The New York Times

  1. David Mcmillan says:

    Not 1 person in this has a true glesga accent byres rd snobs mire like gees a shout and ill gee u a real tour springburn/possil/maryhill/govan/pennilee/castlemilk/easterhouse/bridgeton basicly anywhere thats no just the west end see the real glesga the places the brochures dont tell u about but be warned come tooled up you might make it out alive lol

  2. Living Walks says:

    We've just filmed the vibrant Ashton Lane too, so it's good to have a little more info about it here. What an insight to see just how alive the city is. Thanks for enlightening us.

  3. Joe Peroni says:

    I'm Glaswegian, born & raised. I fled the Thatcherite dictatorship back in the eighties & have lived elsewhere ever since. I'm still 100% Glaswegian, friendly, outstanding personality & sense of humour, mainly because I'm "working class".

  4. den o says:

    This is probably the equivalent of Upper Manhattan or something. This is the West End of Glasgow and there's much more to Glasgow than a small area of coffee houses and posh restaurants.

  5. Aimee 82009 says:

    This is fake af, this isn’t Glasgow 😂😂 wheres Leo the silent raver? Where’s that band with drums that stand outside New Look? Where’s the junkies? Where’s the neds? People make Glasgow

  6. Fyodor48 Alyosha says:

    Tis delightful to see my area of Glasgow being honestly reflected on YouTube.
    The normal YouTube fare is a bleak reflection of what the city was in the 50/60/70s and 80’s.
    The West End is and has always been the ‘trendy’ place to chill out in, in what even now can still be an industrial city.

    If at anytime you are moving to Glasgow, be it temporary or permanently; then seek out The West End 🎭.
    It truly is the; “jewel in the crown, of my home town”.

  7. Tavish M says:

    Stick to coffee, chocolate and tea. Alcohol dries your brain and causes 8 different cancers, especially breast cancer in women. The Lancet is among the most important medical journals in the world and after rigorous scientific studies they have concluded there is absolutely no safe level for alcohol consumption. 2,000 years ago very watered down wine killed dangerous bacteria, but today there is no need for it.

  8. CM V says:

    To everyone saying this is not the "real" Glasgow: every city has many different sides to it, and no particular side is any more "real" than another. The people making this video just chose to show the particular side of the city, but that doesn't make this side of the city any less "real" than another.

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