What to Do in Bologna, Italy | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times

Bologna is a culinary traveler’s delight, but there is plenty worth checking out in the culture and nightlife arenas. Grab the embed code for this video at Times …

32 thoughts on “What to Do in Bologna, Italy | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times

  1. MrSalserini says:

    In Bologna it is fashionable to fine foreigners who visit the city by car. the fines are 92 euros and if you do not pay in 6 days costs 230 euros. the problem that in a lapse of three hours you get up to 4 fines. it's a shame but they are taking advantage of the visitors

  2. MikeJF355 says:

    Just an update. Don't forget to visit the new and very impressive Fico Eataly World. A short bus ride from the railway station to a massive expo that showcases the food, wine, products etc etc from all over Italy. A brilliant day out.

  3. Alma Minerva Leal Benavides says:

    Charles I from Spain and V of Germany was crowned here. Under the rule of his Grandparents the Catholic King and Queen of Spain, Columbus discovered América and founded New Spain, today México amongst the rest of the Colonies. His Son Phillip conquered the Filipinas named after him.

  4. MikeJF355 says:

    Bologna is the BEST. We are lucky enough to visit there every couple of months, (it is now our second home). The food is great, the people so friendly and as a base for a stay in Italy it cannot be beat. 20 minutes from the airport and then from the railway station you can catch the bullet trains that take you to Florence in half and hour and Venice in an hour and three quarters. Viva Bologna

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