We travel to the northern boreal forest of Saskatchewan, Canada to explore Prince Albert National Park with a talented group of Instagrammers. Check out their …


  1. Shawn Woll says:

    Next time your in the Saskatchewan area be sure to go further north and check out “Nistowiak Falls” near “Jim’s Camp” and also “Missinipi Outfitters” just north of La Ronge for a great canoe or lake experience.

  2. Scarpia9111 says:

    One of the main reasons I got my passport was to visit Canada. Now I’m so glad I did now I’m really itching to visit. I’m now a subscriber to your channel. Thank you!

  3. Travis Odermatt says:

    It is gorgeous in the north, I live up here but the southern Saskatchewan is boring and flat. Excellent video! Did you guys have to fog the area first to not have to swat mosquitos during shoot.

  4. Angela Brown says:

    Loved the video. Next time please keep the language child-friendly. We are studying Canada right now, and would love to continue watching your videos. Thank you and keep traveling!

  5. Tim H says:

    I am from Saskatchewan and I can say that Saskatchewan could be very different. There on one side forest and lakes, and on the other side a big farmland with no end and only a long, straight street. But I will never live in a other state,because here in Saskatchewan is my home…

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